Last Blog Before Camp!

All of us in the Winter Office are about to pack up and head to camp…summer 2017 is ALMOST HERE!!  After Memorial Day Weekend, we’ll be up in the Summer Office!  Before I put my trunks in the car, I wanted to make sure I introduced you to three awesome new campers joining us for a great summer on girls side!

Gabriella is a 6th grader in Cherry Hill, NJ who can’t wait to join the Freshman Girls Division!  She has several nicknames, but her friends often call her “Gibby”.  She lives in Cherry Hill, NJ and has two younger brothers at home that she’ll be trading in for a bunk full of sisters!  She has a passion for swimming, and showed me her “slime” lab in the garage which was pretty awesome!

Johanna is a 3rd grade girl from Rockville Centre, NY who will be jumping into camp as an Upper Junior Girl.  She goes by the nickname “Jojo” so we’ll have two Jojo’s who love cooking at camp this summer!  She’s a well rounded girl who loves every activity from basketball to kayaking.  She might even want to be in some of our drama performances at camp this summer, she’s already been in a Beauty & The Beast production at home!  She got a small taste of sleepaway camp last year, and can’t wait for a longer experience at Canadensis!

Lizzy lives in Gladwyne, PA and is a current 5th grader who will be an Upper Inter Girl this summer.  She’s the oldest of 4 siblings and has a sister a few years younger than her who is basically a twin!  Lizzy loves to dance and has gotten really into the sport this year, but she also plays basketball. She loves decorating, and had recently redone her room. Her bedroom is totally huge and used to be a yoga studio, so she has lots of room for all of her new camp friends to sleepover after the summer!