Happy Winter (up at camp at least)!

Whether we want to admit it or not, it seems like winter is officially here! I spent the day up at camp yesterday and boy was it cold. Camp was covered in snow (about 3 inches) and looked absolutely beautiful. The lake was actually frozen as well, although not solid enough to walk in (in my expert opinion). Alot of work is going on this winter and while I can’t say all of the projects, I can say that the Senior Canteen is getting quite a facelift. Well not the actual building, but the area surrounding it. Wait until you see all of the fun things that will now be available while the Seniors are enjoying candy and soda. Our maintenance team is going through each of the bunks and doing our usual routine maintenance and there are some larger scale cabin projects as well, which we will happily announce in the coming months!

Rewind a few weekends and it felt like spring at our annual Canteen on the Fly events. While it was upsetting to have to cancel our Long Island location due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (and no Sandy Rice-Fritsch, Girls Head Counselor we won’t hold this one against you!), our other locations had record turnouts. It was fun to see so many campers and their families and we appreciate all of you coming out and enjoying some ice cream. What did you think of the new locations? We loved them and hope you did too. Carli Forti was there as well and Cara took this amazing picture of her in her absolutely favorite onesie!

Speaking of Hurricane Sandy, I truly hope that all of our camp families have fully recovered from such a major storm. Our hearts go out especially to our families on Long Island where I understand the south shore was absolutely devastated. I have spoken to a few families and it’s hard for me to imagine how much damage there truly is there. If we can be of any assistance at all, please contact us in the winter office. Luckily for us in the Philly suburbs, we had minor damages and power outages which were more of an inconvenience than anything else. Robin, me, and Carli stayed in a hotel for one night near our winter office during the outage and ran into the Paul Family, an alumni of camp who is sending their son for the first summer! It was great to catch up with them there.

In terms of other things going on, all is well here in Philadelphia! Carli is now almost 7 months old, which is absolutely impossible for me to believe and I look back at pics on this blog and facebook and see how small she really was when she was born! Next summer, she will be crawling around camp and maybe walking, so watch out campers…she may join in one of your activities! Please take good care of her when you see her. These days she is loving her jumparoo, which is a contraption that she can jump in, has toys all around her, and has bungee attached so it bounces up and down with music playing. She cracks up and giggles so loudly in this thing, it’s awesome! She is excited for Chanukah (she hasn’t exactly told me, but I am guessing she is) and is going to be getting some great presents! The question is if Robin and I should buy her 8 gifts or one special gift? Thoughts? How about summer at Canadensis? Is that enough of a gift:)

I hope everyone is doing great in school and wrapping up the fall sports seasons. Winter has hit the Poconos…has it hit where you live yet?!