Every night, the “icing on the cake” to a great day at camp ends with an Evening Activity, which is a creative and entertaining activity. Some Evening Activities involve the entire camp, but most are done co-ed by age group, allowing brothers, sisters and friends to see each other in a supervised environment. Some of our favorite Evening Activity traditions return from one summer to the next while many new and imaginative ideas based on pop culture are mixed in as well.

Some Evening Activities of summers past are MTV Night, Mission Impossible, Dutch Auction, Cake Boss, Campfires, Bingo, Captain on Deck, Lake Parties, Pool Parties, Bunk Beat, Dances, Scavenger Hunts, Sing Down, Crazy Night, Fashion Shows and much more. Over the summer, we also bring in a number of professional entertainers for the camp to enjoy as well as take the campers out of camp and go to the movies, bowling, and other local attractions.

Once a week, a Special Day (typically Thursday) is mixed into our week of activities. The morning is a “lazy wake-up,” which allows campers to sleep in a bit later. Morning activities on this day are usually one that includes an entire age group (called “Friendship Activities” or “Bro-tivities”). In the afternoon, it’s an all camp activity such as Carnival Day, Revolutionary War Day (on the Fourth of July), or an all-camp game of Capture The Flag. Of course, one of the most Special Events of camp is when COLOR WAR breaks! Color War is a five-day, high spirited, camper driven competition between Blue and Gold and involves all of camp’s activities. The five days culminate with our annual Sing.