College-aged counselors traditionally live in the bunks with the campers. A typical bunk will have between 8-12 campers and 3-4 counselors. As a counselor living in the bunk, it is essential that you get to know every child on a one-on-one level and understand their individual expectations and goals while at the same time trying to promote a sense of group living, teamwork and camaraderie amongst all the campers. While living in the bunks, all counselors share the same responsibilities. This includes waking up the campers in the morning, helping them prepare for the day, assisting in bunk clean-up, attending meals with your bunk and being present in the bunk during rest period, shower time, bed time and evening activities. All in bunk counselors complete daily camper progress reports.

During the six-period activity day, some counselors fulfill the role of General Bunk Counselors while others are Activity Specialists teaching within a specific area of camp. When Activity Specialists are not at their areas, they will also fill the role of a General Bunk Counselor and be assigned with their bunk of campers.

Descriptions of these positions and required backgrounds to apply are as follows:

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