Canadensis TodayWe understand that parents want as much insight as possible to all that is going on at camp.  Of course, campers write letters home and there are several camper-parent phone calls over the course of the summer.  On top of that, we put up hundreds of photos online each day.

A number of years ago, we were able to bring “camp to life” and allow families a daily does of all things Canadensis through the creation of the Canadensis Today Show.  This online feature is a daily 10-15 minute report of all the activities going on at camp, including our Birthday Patrol, “Camper on the Street” Reports and “All Access” Features.  With colorful hosts and plenty of camper interaction, viewers feel very connected to what’s going on each day.  Parents can even e-mail the show, letting us know what they want to see more of throughout the summer.  The show has become so popular that it is now an elective that campers can choose to participate in.