Image of girl horseback riding at the best summer camp in the Poconos – Canadensis

All campers can customize their summer by participating in the following “pull out” programs, which means they participate in these activities during Rest Hour, Free Play, or miss part of their regularly scheduled bunk activities.

Inter-Camp Sports:

We believe that children interested in being on a camp team should have the opportunity to put on a Canadensis uniform and represent camp on the field or court. In other words, there are no cuts. Our playful philosophy towards sports also means than anyone who participates in our scheduled Pike County Inter-Camp games will have a fair amount of playing time. Each year, we field more than 25 teams in sports like basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, gymnastics swimming and dance. Our emphasis is never about the final scores…it’s about having a fun time and representing Camp Canadensis with good sportsmanship and spirit!

Super Leagues:

For campers that want more organized sports, our Super Leagues provide them a chance to sign up for optional camp leagues that pull kids from two or more age groups. These are more competitive leagues with season long record keeping and standings. The season ends with a trophies and awards ceremony.

Drama Performances:

We put on two musical productions each summer. Campers can choose to be in one or both performances. Shows are recorded and made available at the end of the summer.

Rock Band:

Campers who already play a musical instrument are encouraged to bring them to camp. Our Rock Band specialist will work with them on performing a piece that you’ll get to enjoy on Visiting Day!

Waterskiing and Wakeboarding:

In order to ensure quality waterskiing periods with maximum instruction, we keep groups small. Each period, several campers of a similar skill level will be matched up with our team of instructors to learn the fundamentals of skiing and progress as they improve.

Competition Dance Team:

Our most passionate dancers can audition for one of three competition teams and will rehearse routines to be performed at two different competitions.

Horseback Riding:

Our horse stables greet you as you enter camp, and after campers master basic riding skills in our ring, they’ll head out on the trails. Campers take 10 semi-private lessons during the summer. There is an additional fee for this program.

Private Tennis Lessons or Tennis Academy:

Our highly qualified tennis staff focus solely on running a program that improves campers skills and abilities on the court. Private lessons can be arranged in packages of 8, 16 or 24 lessons. The Tennis Academy is 12 hours of weekly instruction, and entry into USTA tournaments. There is an additional fee for these programs.

Country Club Golf:

Campers that are passionate for golf have the opportunity to play several 9-hole rounds of golf at a nearby professional course. They will also have two group lessons with a golf pro at the local course. There is an additional fee for this program.