Food & Nutrition

Campers sit at meals together as a cabin, along with their counselors. All meals are served cafeteria style, with an extensive cereal bar at breakfast, and an extensive salad bar at lunch and dinner. In addition, pasta and soy-nut butter and jelly sandwiches are always available at lunch and dinner, as well as vegetarian alternatives. We do not serve nuts or food with nuts in it in our Dining Hall and we can accommodate most food allergies and food sensitivities, including Celiac Disease. Our Camp Mom works closely with our chef to assist our pickier eaters, or those with special dietary needs.

  • Cereal Bar- Multiple cereal options, fresh fruit, nut-free granola, oatmeal, and yogurt.
  • Salad Bar- 30+ items including fresh vegetables, fresh proteins (tuna salad, eggs, etc.), various salads (pasta, potato, corn, etc.), fresh fruit, and other rotating options

Sample Menu

Afternoon Snack / Hydration

We have our daily afternoon Fruit on the Fly, where campers walk by the Dining Hall, grab a piece of fruit, and go to their next activity. Campers are required to bring their own water bottles and use our Hydration Stations around camp, complete with ice machines, to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Food Allergies / Sensitivities

We view our approach to campers with food allergies or food sensitivities as a partnership with parents. Prior to the start of camp, a Director will visit the family in their home and share sample menus in order to get an idea of options available. We will also formulate a list of what items camp is able to provide vs items that parents would like to send to camp. Once the camper arrives at camp, he/she will work with the Camp Mom on a daily basis to discuss options and ensure their needs are met. The Camp Mom throughout the summer will communicate with the parents any issues or additional food that the child is requesting be sent up. All special food is kept in the Dining Hall, in designated bins within the refrigerator, freezer, and dry storage areas.


Our modern, air-conditioned Health Center is centrally located in camp and is staffed by 6 Registered Nurses and 1 in-camp Doctor. There are 2 clinic calls each day and the medical staff is available 24 hours per day. Within the Health Center, there are isolation rooms available for campers who need to stay overnight. In keeping with our philosophy, our Health Center team keeps open communication with parents regarding health issues. The nearest hospital is Pocono Medical Center, which is 20 minutes away.