While our off season is busy with many tasks from putting together our summer calendar to staff hiring to making improvements and upgrades to our facility, one of our favorite things to do in the Fall, Winter and Spring months is getting to know our new campers and new camp families.

At Canadensis, there are multiple opportunities we create in the off season to do this.

Home Visit from Directors:

First, all new campers receive a home visit from one of camp’s directors.  That’s right!  We use the months leading up to camp to come to each camper’s home and get to know all about them.  You can always check out our blogs to see who we’ve visited recently.  This visit also allows us to answer any questions that first time campers or their parents may have.  We have found these visits to be extremely helpful when it comes time for bunk placements as well as creating a successful summer in general for each individual camper.

New Camper Event in the Spring:

Next, for younger divisions of new campers, we host an annual New Camper Event in the Spring, in which we pick a central location for new campers to meet other new campers in their age groups.  In addition to our year-round staff, this event is attended by some of our key summer staff, so campers can begin to get acquainted with them.  The event includes ice breaker / get-to-know you activities as well as other fun such as bowling or another activity.  Of course, there is food served, too.

Open House at Camp:

Finally, the first June weekend is our Open House at camp, which is attended by many of our first time campers, their siblings and parents.  This event is open to all camp families as well.  With the Open House a few weeks away from the official start to Summer, this is an opportunity for new campers to get acquainted with the camp grounds, meet other campers and staff and play.  The day includes a camp scavenger hunt, more ice breaker games, elective activities and a BBQ lunch.  While the campers are playing, we host a Camp Parenting session, which helps educate first time parents on the sleep away camp experience.

Adjustment Phone Call:

Parents of all new campers will receive a phone call from a Director, Head Counselor, Parent Relations Staff or Camp Mom within the first 72 hours of camp, informing you of your camper’s adjustment.  Also, please be assured that we will be in touch with you should there be any difficulty with the adjustment of any camper during the camp season.