Attention on Camp!  Attention on Camp!  It’s time for BUNKO!

Nothing can stop the camp fun…and we have lots of great programming for all Canadensis Campers, Parents, Staff and Alumni to participate in virtually!  This page is your hub for what’s on the calendar and what’s coming up!  If you have ideas for Virtual Programs, please email about your idea!


Stay tuned, we might add another date for BINGO soon!

Join us on Zoom (Zoom link password is 18325)

Email for your Bingo Boards.  There will be prizes!

Wacky Water Slide STEM Challenge

We can’t wait to zip down the Blue Pool water slides at camp. If you love the water slides, we want to see you build a wacky water slide at home! Using household materials, construct a mini water slide in any curvy shape. You can even decorate your slide! Slides can be made out of materials such as aluminum foil, construction paper, straws, popsicle sticks, tape, and paper towel rolls.

Once your slide is built, place it in the sink or a container that can hold water. Take a cup of water and pour it at the top of your slide to see if it can hold the water and where the water travels!

Submit a picture of your water slide to by Thursday May 14th. The winner gets a “Waterslides VIP Pass”, they can learn how the Waterslides get turned on and off, and use their VIP pass during any period of their choosing this summer to cut the line.


Print these out and bring them to life with your art supplies at home.  If you want to be reposted on Instagram when it’s done, send an email to


Our TAC Ceremony was wonderful!  We gave out digital TACs to more than 40 campers who were nominated by their parents!




Consider your options below…which bunk would you want to live with right now?




















We call our staff Mature Goofballs, and they are the best in the world!  During Staff Training each summer, we have a Staff Coffee House where our counselors get up on stage and share their talents.  We put the call out asking them to create videos from home, and many awesome members of our team put together the following showcase for you!

We typically enjoy huge platters of Chef David’s cookies during Coffee House, so make yourself a plate and put this video on your big screen.  Snap a photo of you watching Coffee House, email it and we’ll repost it!

Staff!  If you still want to add a video, submit it here.  

Watch the Staff Coffee House Here!


We loved seeing your lego creations for camp!  The Head Staff judging panel had a difficult choice, but Sophia has won the top spot!  We love your Zip Line & Slide addition to the lake!  Your bunk will get to watch an episode of Lego Masters and have a special snack this summer!

You can watch all the video submissions here:


We have a lot of awesome families at camp, but the 10 families who submitted MTV Night Dances are truly awesome examples camp fun, spirit and tradition!  All families who submitted a dance will receive an early release of campers on Visiting Day!  Our Winter Staff Judging Panel had a blast watching all the submissions and we hope your cheeks will hurt from watching them too!  The top three families were only separated by one point each!!

3rd Place: Family #8

2nd Place: Family #10

1st Place: Congratulations to Family #9!  Your name is going on the Krugie, and we appreciate every detail of this dance, from the artwork in the background, to the props, song choice, costumes and of course dad moves!


We loved seeing your Division on Zoom, thank you for joining us! 

Use Password “18325”

Tuesday, April 14th: CIT Boys and Girls at 4:00PM

2020 Group Leaders


Save this image below, add words, emojis and giphy’s on Instagram and then send it to our camp Instagram!  We’ll repost and tag you.

PAMCAM…Family Challenges!  AKA, PAMCAMFAM!

Right now we are spending a lot of extra time with the people we live with.  Let’s get some special/funny/themed pictures for you to remember this time of togetherness!  We’ll post reminders on Instagram on the day of each PamCamFam theme – send us your family pictures at anytime to get reposted (don’t worry about the calendar dates below, we’d love to see your pictures anytime!):

  • Wednesday, May 20th – Where’s Waldo?
  • Saturday, May 23rd – Vacation Vibes
  • Sunday, May 24th – Family Matching (dress alike!)



Annie & Lyla created and recorded an amazing dance to our “Good Morning” line up song!  Now we are challenging you to learn the dance and record your own video, and we will repost it!  Click the TikTok link below to start learning the choreography and email your dance videos to

We can’t wait to dance at Morning Line Up!

@officialcampcanadensis@anniewienerr created this awesome dance to kick off our new TikTok account! Take the ##goodmorningchallenge and tag us in your videos!♬ original sound – officialcampcanadensis


Save this image below, add words, emojis and giphy’s on Instagram and then send it to our camp Instagram!  We’ll repost and tag you.


Can you level up?  Print out these BINGO Boards, mark of the things you’ve done at camp and if you get a BINGO move on to the next level!  Send your boards to 

The Winter Office is a big fan of the Art For Kids Hub YouTube Channel!  We love to take drawing breaks and think art is good for the soul…that’s why Art is a big pillar of our camp program!  Take some time to learn to draw these campy pictures below, and when you are done coloring them in, upload them to be shared on the camp instagram story!

Upload a photo of you holding your completed art here…make sure you are IN the photo!