Introducing the first ever Camp Canadensis March Gladness Bracket Competition! The bracket consists of everybody’s favorite Meals, Color War Traditions, Activities, and Evening Activities!  Next week, we will be creating Instagram Polls to vote for the winners of each round – so make your picks based on what you think camp will deem the most popular.

The winner, be it camper, parent, or staff will receive a Pizza Party at camp! (Parents, you are winning the Pizza Party on behalf of your child/children).

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Here’s the bracket: March Gladness
  2. Download, print, and *neatly* write your bracket picks
  3. Upload your completed bracket here
  4. Watch the Camp Canadensis Instagram Story to vote starting Monday, March 23rd!  Polls will be live each day from 12-3PM, so cast your vote during that window if you want it to be counted!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • All brackets must be completed and uploaded by 6:00 PM EST on SUNDAY, March 22nd
  • Each “match up” will be voted on by camp through Instagram polls.  You are trying to predict which will be the favorite.  Anyone who follows us on Instagram can vote…Campers, Parents, Staff, Alumni and Friends of Canadensis!
  • At 3PM each day we’ll take the polls down, and announce the winner.
  • We will have your bracket locked in, but you should track your own scores at home – it’ll be good math practice!
  • Round 1 wins = 1 point
  • Round 2 wins = 2 points
  • Round 3 wins = 4 points
  • Round 4 wins = 6 points
  • Round 5 wins = 8 points
  • Correctly picking the winner earns 12 points
  • When we get to the Final Four, we’ll ask you to tell us your point tally, and we’ll announce a leader board.  (Remember, we’ll have your submitted bracket to check…so make sure you did the math right!)
  • Any brackets that are incomplete, missing names, uploaded late, or hard to read, will not be counted.
  • In the event of a tie breaker, we ask you to predict the final poll percentages listed on the bracket.

Good luck to all!