CITs 2013: Maddie Hecht!

Name: Maddie Hecht

Years at camp: This will be my 8th year at camp!

Hobbies when you’re at Home: I play soccer, I hang out with my friends and I love to eat

Secret talent: I am really good at impersonating movie characters

Favorite camp activity: Canacapella

Funny camp memory: THE HIKING TRIP

Advice for a first time camper: Make every second count. Where else would you be able to have a sleepover with 12 of your best friends for seven weeks straight?

Something you learned at camp: Don’t forget to ask D.A.N.A (does anyone need anything?)

I never leave for camp without… my blankie 🙂

If I could have any job in the world it would be… a famous person that can sing and dance!

My favorite place I’ve traveled is… Bermuda

One thing my campers will learn about me is… I’m always enthusiastic and I love camp so much!!!