Snow Day and A Monday On the Move!

Hello Canadensis…

Didn’t get a chance to hit the blog yesterday, but I couldn’t go another day without connecting to everyone in the world wide web of Camp Canadensis!

Did everyone enjoy the snow on Saturday?  I guess that is the first sign the winter is upon us.  I actually gave myself a self-proclaimed snow day in the afternoon, meaning I didn’t do anything except for light a fire, get into some comfy clothes and watch TV all day, flipping between movies like Reality Bites, Liar Liar and Legally Blonde and all of the college football games.  Did anyone see the end to that Cincinnati-Pittsburgh game?  Wow!  The final score was 45-44.

Of course, I also watched the 2009 Canadensis Video Yearbook.  I hope it has made its way to everyone by now and that you have begun to enjoy reliving all of the wonderful memories we shared together last year.  For all new Canadensis campers, the video will give you a good idea of all the fun you can expect next summer!

I got to meet some new Canadensis campers from the Cherry Hill, NJ area last night.  First, I went to see Amanda Seligman, who is in the fourth grade and will be a Lower Inter Girl next summer.  Amanda is currently very involved with Dance (Jazz and Ballet), Soccer and Basketball.  She is really looking forward to getting her new dog Chloe in a few days, too.  This summer, she can’t wait to try Waterskiing and the Ropes Course / Climbing Wall as well as making a whole bunch of new friends!  She is so excited for camp!  In fact, she told me that she checks the Canadensis website almost everyday and reads our blogs all of the time!  Here is a a picture of me and Amanda…

Me and 2010 Lower Inter Girl Amanda Seligman.

Me and 2010 Lower Inter Girl Amanda Seligman.

Right around the corner, I then went to see Maddie Phillips, who will be an Upper Inter Girl next summer.  Currently in the fifth grade, Maddie is involved with a number of activities, including Jazz dance and Swim team (her events are the backstroke and freestyle).  She is also a member of her school’s Student Council and they just recently completed their Red Ribbon Week, which makes students aware of making positive choices.  She also just got a new puppy Chase.  This summer, she can’t wait to get involved in the activities at the Art Center as well as making new friends.  Here is a photo of me, Maddie and her sister and future Canadensis camper Molly, who is in the 2nd grade and enjoys dance, swimming, soccer and basketball.

Me with Maddie Phillips (left) and sister Molly.  Maddie will be an Upper Inter next summer.

Me with Maddie Phillips (left) and sister Molly. Maddie will be an Upper Inter next summer.

Finally, I cruised a few blocks over to the Herskowitz Family.  For starters, father Jeff is a second generation alumni of Camp Canadensis.  Everytime I see him, he always recollects his wonderful memories of camp.  He hopes to make our 70th Anniversary Alumni Reunion on June 19 and says that he has been able to keep in touch with so many camp friends through Facebook.  His daughter Alexa, who will be returning to camp for her fourth summer as a Freshman Girl, is so happy that her brother Jake will be at camp this summer.  Jake, who is in the 2nd grade and will be a Junior Boy in 2010 is very active, playing football, soccer, basketball and hockey.  He is really looking forward to playing all of those sports at camp and says he will be playing in the CHL.  He is also excited to try the Climbing Wall and Zipline.

Alexa, who always has camp on her mind, has been keeping in touch with all of her camp friends online and sees other Cherry Hill Canadensis campers all of the time.  She has been involved with soccer, field hockey and tennis as well.  As a Freshman next summer, she is so psyched for her trip to Hershey Park, partly because many of her friends call her Hershy!  Ha Ha!  Alexa also has the honor of being my second guest blogger.  Blog away, Alexa!

Things are boring at home….. school, school, and more school. Thankfully I have seen a few camp friends, which is always good! We are all so excited for this summer! We can’t wait to be back at home!  Jake (my brother) is going to be in Bunk 2 which is really exciting! At home, things are going well.  I go to school with Amanda Soll and Danielle Rosenthal.  Scott Brown goes to the other school in my town so we see each other a lot! Camp seems so far away but I am sure time will go by quick.  Cant wait till sumer 2010!  -Alexa Herskowitz

Here is a picture with me, Alexa, Jake and younger brother Justin.

Me with Jake (second from left), Alexa and Justin.  Jake will be in Boys Bunk 2 in 2010 while Alexa is back for a fourth summer as a Freshman Girl.

Me with Jake (second from left), Alexa and Justin. Jake will be in Boys Bunk 2 in 2010 while Alexa is back for a fourth summer as a Freshman Girl. Both are third generation Canadensis campers!

So, you can see it was a busy Monday for me.  It was also a very happy Monday, considering my Giants beat those hated Cowboys (at least one thing Giants and Eagles fans can both agree on).  Next week, it will be those Eagles who I can’t stand either.  I have already begun to receive those e-mails from all you Eagles fans out there so keep’em coming.  However, I am not going to talk any trash this time after last year’s Comcast incident.  Ha Ha!  A very funny story for those that remember.

More blogging in the next few days.  I am off to meet with a Canadensis Staff member to tape a very special Canadensis Today Show segment.  Has anyone figured out yet what the special announcment is?  I thought my last clue was pretty good.

Until then…Have a great day…Brian