2014 Camp Canadensis Program Review



2014 has been a successful summer for the horse riders at Camp Canadensis! Interested campers sign up for10 semi-private lessons and all campers improved their confidence and skill while having fun and staying safe.

Charlie and I had each of the kids to write down a goal they had for the summer that they wanted to achieve. Every child was able to achieve their goal, many making new goals and achieving them also. This was a great way to motivate the kids to try hard and work on their riding. Having goal sheet posters on the stable walls also helped to further encourage improvement.

A standout in 2014 was the musical dressage performance some of the riders were able to create and have their bunk come and watch. The Canadensis Today Show also filmed the performance so their parents were also able to watch them ride. This allowed the kids to put together their skills into something fun and creative they could share with the rest of camp. Blueberry picking on the trails was also a popular past time.

Certificates of achievement were handed out at girls ceremony at the end of camp to congratulate each of the riders for a successful summer. Thanks to the staff who fed the horses on our days off and for all of the staff who assisted.

It’s been a great summer! It’s been a pleasure being director of the program, and thanks Charlie for being an amazing Co!


Erin Gardner

2014 Horseback Riding Director





The summer of 2014 hockey program was a year of great progress made by a lot of players in both street and roller hockey. It was fun to see the improvement in big areas such as skating and shooting especially. It was amazing to watch the players grow and improve so much this summer. With electives and private lessons kids were able to get a lot of extra practice.

With two leagues going on this year a junior and also senior CHL (Canadensis Hockey League) this year has been packed at the spectrum with great competition in both divisions. Kids who have played hockey for years and kids who just started skating this summer it was great to see the drive they all had to compete and get better!

Joe Camarata & Alex Wichers

2014 Hockey Staff


Fabric Arts

The Fabric Arts program started off Summer 2014 on the right foot with Handworks Studio’s workshop. Every girl in camp had a chance to use the sewing machine to complete a skirt, tote bag, or bedside pocket.

During the bunk activity periods, Josey and I had a lot of success with the Junior girls who completed three projects: the marionette bird puppet – a project that introduced them to threading needles and tying knots, a quick pom-pom pen where the girls practiced hand sewing a gather, and using the iron, and a fabric bowl where they worked together to create a bowl out of recycled fabric scraps.

Middle camp made a variety of hand sewn accessories, and learned to design their own fabric print for each bunk. Our biggest success was with the Seniors, they were intimidated by sewing at the beginning, so we pulled out the crochet needles and learned to chain some knotted headbands. By the end of the summer, we created a Fashion/Sportswear/Costume presentation on our own work with a Celebrity “Hot or Not” game. At the end they designed their own line of clothing – it was unanimously loved by all!

In the Needle Arts electives the girls learned a variety of new skills in fabric arts: how to sew soft circuits (light up hair accessories and bookmarks), weaving (on the weaving wall and on hula hoops), knitting on the knitting towers, making rope from fabric scraps, and sewing drawstring bags on the machine.

Fabric Arts was a popular activity during Free Play, especially among Boys Camp. Most campers came in wanting to make pillows – we went through many boxes of stuffing this summer! The boys were also making shirts, skirts (for their mothers), beards and mustaches out of yarn, and bedside pockets.

Overall Fabric Arts had a great summer, our campers have a lot to be proud of!

Anna Wolfe

2014 Fabric Arts Director


Could you name any of the muscles in your back? If you spent time in the Fitness program of Summer 2014 at Camp Canadensis you could. This year was about much more than just getting a solid sweat and routine workout in.

Campers spent time in the room through bunk activities, electives, Senior choices and other free time. Each week was filled with new muscle group exercises as well as fitness challenges for the diverse groups of Canadensis Campers. From basic Fitness testing and stretching to “Insanity” workout DVD’s as well as Speed Ladder’s and Medicine Ball throws I have done my best to introduce different types of fun yet challenging fitness activities to not only the campers, but the staff as well. My overall goal was to keep fitness as exciting as possible and teach everyone that walked through the Fitness Room doors at least one new thing about exercising or general health that could benefit them in their future fit lifestyles and it was without a doubt a huge success! I hope to see this program continue thrive throughout the years to come.

Thanks to everyone who has made Fitness such a blast this year!

Cameron Foster

2014 Fitness Director



This summer the Gaga program reached new heights! With many exciting elective periods daily and even more senior choice periods filled with gaga players, “The Gaga Octagon” was one of the most popular places to be at Canadensis!

The intense competition for Gaga bucks raged on all summer as many great players put all their energy towards succeeding in the Octagon. Thank you to everyone for making the Gaga program outstanding all summer long!

Jake Asman

2014 Gaga Director