Greetings from Fabulous Betseyville

Hi Canadensis!

So here I am, sitting in the airport awaiting the departure of my flight to Michigan! Brian is already on his way there from New Jersey… he might even be there by now! We are meeting at the Detroit airport and then making our way to Western Michigan University where we will hold a full day of staff interviews tomorrow! So exciting!

I’ve had some interesting interactions at the airport so far, the girl who checked my bags wanted to know where I bought my leggings (I am so in love with outfits that require leggings!) and we had a great chat about how express is selling some great tights right now, but how Old Navy and American Eagle are great if you need black leggings in a pinch. The man at the security check was very friendly, after a brief chat about the lovely weather he told me that it was such a pleasure to make my acquaintance, so I told him I was glad to be his friend. I really like to make friends with people at the airport, I feel safer knowing that the girl who makes sure my bag gets on the right plane is thinking about how glad she is I told her where to get this season’s tights.

I am also very excited to be flying with new luggage! (Okay, this is the part where Gabe rolls his eyes and Brian starts memorizing everything I’m writing so he can tease me about it in the car when I land). I bought a fabulous Betsey Johnson rolling duffle, it’s black with gold piping and detailing, and all over the bag are cool neon travel signs like “Welcome the Fabulous Betseyville”  and “Betsey Motel”. I saw it at the shop and fell in love. I felt so flashy trotting through the airport with my big black shades and hot new baggage. Ugh, I’m such a girl…

Okay, so now I’m sitting in my terminal waiting to board the plane. Unfortunately, Terminal E is very boring and has limited shopping opportunities. I usually fly out of the JFK airport, because I am 100% obsessed and in love with JetBlue Airlines. If I could only fly one airline for the rest of my life, it would be JetBlue. The new JB terminal at JFK is stunning, and I honestly get to my flight early just so I can browse through the shops. Oooh I just looove that airport.

So now I’m just sitting around the terminal… waiting… waiting… waiting…