Roadtrip 2009: Entry 1

Greetings from Michigan!

It’s been a fun and exhausting first day! Right now I’m blogging from my hotel room in Mount Pleasant, where we’ll be interviewing students tomorrow at Central Michigan University. We met some really awesome people today so I’m looking forward to new faces tomorrow!

Brian and I are driving around in a bright electric blue PT cruiser. I like to think that it’s our own little Blue Greased Lightnin’ (hey hey CITs ’06). We were both responsible for creating road trip playlists on our iPods, so it’s been fun listening to new music, and there have been some pretty awesome sing-alongs. We’ve had dinner at an old train station turned restaurant, sampled the local favorite dishes, stopped for coffee at the happiest coffee shop on earth, and found some amazing students who will hopefully be your new amazing counselors.

I’d blog longer but we have a very early day tomorrow! Pictures and videos will be coming soon, so check back later for more from roadtrip 2009.

Brian had a muffin this morning, but it was disappointing.
He hopes that tomorrow his breakfast will be warm and delicious.