R-Mitch and J-Mitch on V-Day!

Jordan “J-Mitch” Mitchell

Years at Camp: 6 going on 7
One Fun Fact: I hate traditional American food favorites such as hamburgers, water ice, soft pretzels, and eggs
Favorite Camp Activity: NBA
Favorite Camp Memory: Setting the all-time camp scoring record in NBA
Best Advice for a First Time Camper: Live. Laugh. Love. Peace. Camp. XOXO
What You’re Most Excited For This Summer: Meeting the kids in my bunk and getting to know them
One Thing You’ve Never Done But Will This Summer: Disney World. YAY!!!
The Perfect Camp Day: 9:45 wake up, toasted bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, Triple Dare throughout the morning with Brett Feldman and Chloe Siegel the first time, then with Mikayla Bellach and Counselor Papa John Gordon the second time. Lunch would be cheese toasties while dipping it in tomato soup. Rest hour would last for two hours. The afternoon activites would be spending time with my assigned bunk and then NBA. Dinner would include BBQ and/or chicken parmesan because I eat a lot. Evening activity would begin at 8:15 and it would be bunk MTV night yay! Our bunk is amazing at MTV Night. From 9:15-11:00 would be canteen with all seniors. And then I would go to my assigned bunk for Saturday night O.D. and read them “No, David” as a bedtime story. How cute.