CIT Press gives Canadensis Two Thumbs Up!

Hannah Press
Hobbies at Home: Stalking the Canadensis Today and Camp Canadensis facebook page.
Years at Camp: This will be my 6th summer at camp.
Favorite camp activities: all the lake activities; water skiing, water trap and the summit
Favorite Camp Memory: Everything because every moment spent at camp is AMAZING.
Advice to a first time Camper: To cherish every moment you spend at camp because someday your going to look back on those years at camp like I am now, and hope you lived every second to the fullest.  Also remember that your camp friends are your best friends and you’ll never meet people who had more of an impact on the person you become.
Something you have never done at camp before: BE A CIT OF COURSE!!!!
Describe the Perfect Camp Day: My perfect day would start of by waking up at 8 and seeing my amazing CITs, then going to breakfast with them.  Breakfast would obviously bagels.  Then back to the bunk to get ready for the day.  I would be sporting a white hanes t-shirt with the soffee shorts of my choice.  Before line up I would go to the infirmary to fill up my water bottle and to drop in and say hi to nurse Betty.  We would dance on the stage at the amphitheater before the announcements are made.  Cits would after win honor bunk and I would be announced for my 3rd TAC of the summer, then we’re off to period 1.  We would start our day at volleyball league to get our exercise in for the day.  Then go even out with the exercise we would have double period cooking.  Good thing we saved room for lunch because it would be chicken and chips. After lunch we would have rest hour when we would play mario karts.
After I had successfully won mario kart it would be senior choice and I would go to tennis.  To my surprise Canadensis Today would be doing a special at tennis which they so nicely asked my to host.  Jcal filmed me as i performed the perfect serve and won the final point of my match against super star tennis player Brett Feldman.  Since I was so tired from my vigorous match, I had to get an apple from fruit on the fly.  At fruit on the fly LMac insisted that we should have a photo shoot.  So I start posing and before you knew it I had a new profile picture for when I got home.  After my photo shoot the CITs would have lake.  I saw from a distance that Aunt Terri was waiting for us in her pink golf cart and decided to take us for a joy ride around the lake field.  She decided that we had to hurry back before Pete and Pierce would yell at us about our tardiness.  At lake the CITs would go on the triple dare and water tramp.  Then to finish off my day I would WNBA.  Since I am so athletic I was the first pick of the draft.  During the game I had scored 24 points.  After the game we went back to the bunk for free play.  At this time we continued with our mario kart tournament, and again I won.  Before dinner I changed into a different white hanes t-shirt because it was shabbot.  Hope I dont get any soup on my clean white shirt! After dinner I would run back to the bunk to get first shower.  Then my bunk had to put the finishing touches on our MTV night dance since it was tonight.  Being so excited we sprinted to the amphitheater to get a front row seat. We performed last (best for last) and we did amazing.  Waiting for the judges was nerve racking, but with no surprise we won!  After all seniors went to canteen and that is my perfect day.