Rikki is second from the Left, posing along Lenape with her 2011 bunk!

Rikki Pilavin

Hobbies when you’re at home: Tennis and Basketball
Years at Camp: 4
One fun fact about you: I can quack like a ducky
Favorite Camp Activity: Tennis and BBK
Favorite Camp Memory: Writing on the fire place in the jungle bunk and making friendship bracelets on the last night of camp
Best Advice for a First Time Camper: Just be yourself and you will have the time of your life
What you’re most excited to do this summer:be a CIT
One thing you’ve never done at camp that you’re going to do this summer: Waterski
If you could plan your own perfect camp day, what would it look like: Wake up in the morning late, go to breakfast and have a long cleanup, then have activities that you choose all day until lunch, then long rest hour and more activities leading to shower hour and dinner then free play and evening activity.