A Lotta Locomotion

First off, I cannot believe it’s almost Thanksgiving and it’s so warm and lovely outside! Did somebody find a way to make camp arrive early this year?

This past weekend was FULL of friends and fun!  Thursday was opening night for my sister, bunk 11 counselor, Dani Corradetti, as her High School performed “Once Upon a Time”, a play made up of tales and fables from around the world. Dani was one of the narrators and dancers, and the entire cast did a spectacular job. I went to see the show again Friday, and then took Dani over the next morning for TWO Saturday performances.  The entire cast worked so hard, and it was great to see it all pay off with a great run!

On Saturday afternoon Max Blum and Karen Sharir arrived at my house and we went on a roadtrip for the 25th Birthday Extravaganza of Miss Rachel Bachman! We arrived just in time to meet Rachel’s friends and have some snacks, and then tied on our roller skates and headed out to the rink! I hadn’t been skating in a while but, just like riding a bicycle, it all came back to me as soon as I hit the floor. Although we were great skaters, there were a few moments where we all almost fell over from laughing too hard, as Max performed some of his most unique skate tricks, from spins to full on belly flops. When the end of the night rolled around we didn’t want to leave the rink! Finally we turned in our skates and followed Rachel back to her house so she could open birthday gifts and we could spend more time together… any idea what we talked about most? If you guessed “CAMP”, you’re right!

I took so many great pictures, and some VERY funny skating videos, and I’ll be posting them here soon, so check back later this week for more!

Today it’s just Pam and I in the office, and I’m crazy busy trying to schedule interviews with staff, and planning our college recruiting road trip! When I get home from work, the crazy doesn’t stop; It’s officially 10 days until Dani and I host the annual North Penn Concert Choir Thanksgiving Eve Party. We hosted the party last year, and this year we are at it again. This means careful planning of a delicious menu, themed decor, and most importantly, a well tuned piano! Last year my favorite treat was the carrot cake we served, because instead of an orange carrot on top, I hand drew music notes on each piece of cake! This party is also the time for all Choir alumni to return and see each other, so I’m also very excited to see some of my friends who will be back in town for the holiday! I will definitely post some pictures after the party!

Well, that’s all for now! Be sure to check back for those roller skating pictures, and if you have any pictures or stories from recent camp get-togethers, send them my way, cara@canadensis.com, and they may just end up on the blog!