A-mazing Summer!

Wow, it has been a truly amazing summer!  We are about to start the last week, and it’s electric here at camp because Color War can break at any moment!!  There are just too many highlights to even get started…but I wanted to share at least one quick photo that was taken at camp this week.  Mindy & Hallie from the “Future Fashionistas” came up to camp and every girl got a chance to design a t-shirt.  The shirts above started off as boring white tees, but they were turned into art work by some of the Freshman Girls pictured.  The first step was cutting and tying, the second step was using fabric paint in all sorts of creative ways.   You can learn more about the program here: http://futurefashionistas.com/ – I can’t wait to wear my shirt soon!

Art has been everywhere at camp this summer!  Our climbing boulder has a mural being painted on it that gets better and better everyday.  Tye-dye week was fantastic, the Glass Fusion kiln has been super busy making necklaces and bowls, and the Fabric Arts program made amazing projects…and taught a lot of kids how to embroider & crochet!  The Wood Shop has been full of checkerboards, step stools & race-cars.    The Ceramics projects have been plentiful, and the photography projects have including light paintings and photoshopping flying campers!  I’ve learned tons of new bracelet making techniques…and my favorite has to be chainmaille!!

Camp + Great Art = Perfect Summer at Camp Canadensis!