A Very Canadensis Weekend

What a weekend I had! It started Saturday with our final 3 Canteen on the Fly events. We traveled to Goodnoe Farm in Buck’s County, Pennsylvania, Ray’s Diner in Plymouth Meeting and to TCBY in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was a great day and a lot of fun seeing new and returning campers come out for some ICE CREAM!

After Canteen on the Fly we all headed over to Justin Liebman’s house where BUNK 6 was having a Reunion. Below are a bunch of photos from their reunion. They even had their own t-shirts made up for the Reunion! It was great seeing all the boys of Bunk 6! Shout out to Andy, Sam, Ryan, Justin, Eric, Zach, Jonathan and Bradley!

Then on Sunday, Myself and Matt Unger  headed down to our nations capital, Washington DC to visit JCal and Sam Ginsburg. We had such a great day exploring the city and eating! Please watch the new Today Show from November 21st if you haven’t already to hear more about our trip and Canteen on the Fly.

Sorry for the short post but more coming soon.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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