A Wonderful Weekend, A Guest Blogger and Much, Much More!

Hello Canadensis…

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I needed to stop my work day because if I don’t, then I won’t find the time to blog to everyone out there in Canadensis Cyberspace.  This blog is becoming one of my favorite parts of  the week.  I am so happy to hear that so many of you out there read this.  It makes me feel good to know how important it is for our campers,  parents and staff to stay connected through these winter months.

Well, I must first say that I had an incredible weekend.  If you read my last blog, it was a big sports weekend for the fanatic in me.  First, my Syracuse Orange upet the #4 team in the country in North Carolina.  It was a really big win and one that had me and my roommate from college talking all weekend.  Next, there was the Ohio State-Michigan football game (as  I mentioned a big tradition in my family) and Ohio State won that game, too.  Finally, on Sunday, my New York Giants got off of their losing ways to win their first game in 42 days.  Of course, it took them overtime to do it.  More on that game later in the blog.

On Saturday morning, I went to Brittany Glassberg’s house.  Oh, I don’t need to tell you, here is Brittany, herself (my first guest blogger):

Hey Canadensis!  For all of you who don’t know me, my name is Brittany Glassberg and I’m going to be a CIT during summer 2010!  This past weekend was my fifteenth birthday, and to celebrate I had all of my camp friends over my house for a sleepover!  It was a ton of fun, and we even got a chance to see Brian Krug!  Brian came to my house to see everyone and talk about camp with all of the CITS.  We spoke about how excited we are for camp and how amazing this summer is going to be!  We got a chance to talk about all of the activities that we love at camp and even made some suggestions for next summer!  Everyone had a great time and can’t wait for camp this summer!  Seeing camp friends is always a treat because these truly are my best friends in the whole world!  It was a great birthday!

Here’s a picture of the CIT girls with Brian!  Thank you Brian!

Me with most of the 2010 CIT Girls.  I had a great time hanging out with them!

Me with most of the 2010 CIT Girls. I had a great time hanging out with them!

Thanks, Brittany, for the contribution.  I will say this…our Lower Camp Girls are super lucky to have this group as their CITs next summer.  They have so much spirit and an amazing love for camp.  These girls are going to be great role models for our younger girls at Canadensis!  One more thing…a special shout out to Amanda Mirsky for making some delicious blue and gold mini-cupcakes for the get-together.   Those things were ridiculously delicious!
So, onto Sunday, which as most of you know for a home Giants game means that it is time to tailgate!  First off, this week’s menu was completely off the charts!  To start was bagels, lox and assorted cream cheeses, bacon or sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches with your choice of hash browns on or off the sandwich.  Then, it was onto hot italian sausages, swedish meatballs, asian style spare ribs, burgers, filet mignon and brisket.  But, the real kicker was a lobster dish in a butter sauce that was just off the charts scrumptious.  But, the real highlight of the tailgate was someone that stopped by from Canadensis.  All of sudden, I see Counselor Brooke Appelbaum and her father Gary at Lot 5F.  Brooke was all decked out in her #12 Steve Smith Giants jersey ready for gameday!  It was such a wonderful surprise.  I wish I had brought my camera.  Next time!  Thanks Brooke for making my day!  What a treat!  And, thanks for the Munchkins.  Brooke says hi to everyone as well.  Also at my tailgate was a friend of mine Jordan from Camp Sequoia, which is the camp I grew up at.  Although Jordan was a Falcons fan, we put our differences aside for a few hours and enjoyed the morning’s festivities of eating until our pants felt too tight.  Thanks everyone for stopping by.
I spoke to Counselor Justin Bruno yesterday, who is planning to return to camp.  In Summer 2010, he will be working with Erica Carey in our COALS Program.  Justin is doing well in his final year at LSU, where he is finishing up with his Master’s degree in Gifted Education.  He even told me that he is finishing up his first article to be published in Education journals.  Congrats, Justin!  I also got an e-mail from Counselor Chris Parno, who says hello to everyone from Belize, where he is currently student teaching.  He and Counselor Chris Lorenz are there together and they just got back from a five day adventure to Guatemala.  Chris mentions that he reads these blogs when he has a break down there in the 90-degree heat.  Thanks for reading, Chris.
I got a wonderful e-mail from Camper Oliver Shaw’s mom, letting me know that Oliver rocked his school’s variety show last week.  Oliver, who has been playing guitar for two years now, performed The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” for all the students, parents and teachers in attendance.  For a video clip, click here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T55H19Wntw.  Great, great stuff!  Looks like we have a rock star at Canadensis.  Get your autographs now!  Nice job, Oliver!
It’s been a few blogs since going back to the camp photo album from Summer ’09.  So, here are some more  of my favorite pics from last summer.  These all come from the same night of when we took the Seniors and CITs out to go roller skating.  This was a new trip for us to do at camp and according to them, it was a night to remember!
Chloe Skating By!
Chloe Skating By!

And Jeremy Flies By!

And Jeremy Flies By!

Don't worry, Paige!  Alyssa has got you.

Don't worry, Paige! Alyssa has got you.

CITs stop for a group shot.  Love the outfits, CIT Girls!

CITs stop for a group shot. Love the outfits, CIT Girls!

On a final note, I pose a question.  I have actually asked this question to several campers over the past few weeks.  Of course, all had different answers.  The question is…Does a camper automatically get promoted to the next age group when the summer is over?  In other words, if you were an Upper Inter in Summer ’09, are you a Freshman as soon as you leave camp at summer’s end?  Or, do you have to wait until the next summer begins?  Or, is it on January 1st when you are officially put into the next age group?  Any comments on this topic are appreciated.

And, now that I have officially had my first guest blogger, I want to invite anyone else who would like to contribute to e-mail me at brian@canadensis.com .  That’s all for now.

Until the next time (probably not until Thursday)…Have a great day…Brian