Ahn-young (Hello) from South Korea

Hello everyone and welcome to the official launch of Where in the World is Eric Forti, Year 3, Part 1. I am back at what has become my transfer airport of choice, or so it seems, Seoul, South Korea. Unfortunately my layover is only a few hours until my next flight, so I am unable to leave the airport. One year I must schedule a longer layover and spend the day sightseeing in South Korea (not to be confused with North Korea!).

So if you are following along with my twitter, you will know that this morning (I dont know what day it is, but the morning I left the US) there was some drama at the airport. The agency that I am traveling with for staff recruiting (yes, there is a purpose for doing these trips!!) was responsible for getting me a visa for the country I am headed to in a few hours. Well they put my birthday on the visa as December instead of September. Sounds like no big deal, but for those who travel alot, you know that’s pretty serious. Fortunately for me, Korean Air helped me get a new one issued on a Saturday morning and after about 20 minutes of nerve wracked waiting, visa was in hand and off I was to board the plane.

The flight was uneventful. Exactly 13 hours and 3 minutes. The food on the other hand was quite eventful. The first meal (lunch) was fairly normal and I opted for the fish since dinner I chose beef. Lunch was OK. Airline fish is so so, many of you are probably thinking I am nuts for eating fish on an airplane! Dessert with lunch was HAAGEN DAZS ice cream! Sorry Cara, no Ben & Jerry’s, but they did have dulche de leche flavor (Robin’s favorite!). Dinner I ordered Korean beef. I figured it would be like all other Asian beef dishes- beef in a brown sauce, like beef & broccoli. No such luck- it was like a Korean meatloaf. Silas’s meatloaf at camp = amazing. He makes it for us during pre/post camp when it’s staff only nights. Korean meatloaf= YUCK! I don’t mean to be culturally insensitive- I am sure Korean meatloaf is wonderful to most, but airline Korean meatloaf I do not recommend. So, I ate bread, a salad, and white rice and I am definitely full. Don’t feel so bad for me, when I get to my destination, I will definitely eat some Tim-Tams (uh oh, thats a hint!)

Here in the Korean lounge I just took a shower. Doesn’t that sound weird, a shower in an airport! It definitely helps me feel refreshed and I am sure my seatmate on the next flight will appreciate it too:)

Don't worry, I am sparing you all the shot with me in (JUST KIDDING!)

Don't worry, I am sparing you all the shot with me in it (JUST KIDDING!)

Some of you may remember the infamous toilet episode here in Korea. Well, the toilet is STILL HERE! The funniest part is there is a puddle on the floor in front of it, which means no doubt some other “dumb American” did what I did last year. In case you didn’t read about the toilet last year, I promise it’s worth your time.

Ah, the infamous toilet!!

Ah, the infamous toilet!! What do you mean it's not self cleaning??

Have a read here:


Well hopefully no more drama and just a peaceful, uneventful, good food and good sleep 9 hour flight to my next country. I am sure many of you already know (thanks facebook) where I am headed, but the contests will be on the twitter about other things in this country, so stay tuned.