Airline Meals

Since I am intrigued about eating on flights and not having a clue about what time/timezone/appropriate meal it is, let’s see what I ate in the past 48 hours:

A. Eggs/potatoes/croissant

B. Salad and Asian Salmon w/ green tea rice (yuck). Then they ruined dessert with coffee flavored ice cream with a hard chocolate shell. I will admit to chipping away at the hard chocolate shell, hahha.

C. Popchips snack

D. Peanuts snack

E. Chicken stir-fry with lo-mein (YUMMY!)

F. Tortilla chips and salsa

G. Salad, Chicken with Thai curry, and apple cheesecake for dessert (just a few bites)

H. A roll

So, since Friday morning (it’s now Sunday morning in Bangkok) that’s what I ate. A nutritionist would yell at me, and it’s weird not eating breakfasts and only having alot of dinners. Trust me, I didn’t go hungry, but my mom and Robin’s cooking is WAYYY better!