Baby, We Were Born To Run!

Hello Canadensis!

A busy Friday for me, but I couldn’t leave for the weekend without some blogging first!

I was on the phone for most of the day today.  Between speaking with parents and some of our vendors, I don’t know where the day went.  At around 2 pm today, I totally remembered that I needed to eat lunch!  Ha Ha!  Got to speak with Girls Head Counselor Rachel Bachman for a little bit, too, which was great!  Rachel is doing well in Dillsburg, PA and she says that teaching this year is just great and that her classes are really good.  Rachel is also taking two graduate courses in Education Administration so her schedule is really busy.  She says hello to everyone at Canadensis!

Congratulations to Danielle Faden for correctly guessing that there is a U2 album entitled “October.”  Danielle, be honest.  Did you know the answer or did you google it?  In any event, your color war bands are on the way.  Way to go D-Fade!  For those of you that don’t know, Danielle lives and breathes Canadensis 24/7!

Today’s rock-n-roll subject line is an obvious one.  Of course, it’s The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.  Had to use it as my subject as I will be seeing Springsteen tomorrow at Giants Stadium.  I am very excited!  Bruce will be the last musician to play a show at Giants Stadium and these are the last five shows there.  In fact, he wrote a song that he played to open the show the other night about the closing of Giants Stadium.  You can watch the video here:

This will be me this weekend at the Bruce Springsteen Concert at Giants Stadium.  I think my seats are all the way at the top!

This will be me this weekend at the Bruce Springsteen Concert at Giants Stadium. I think my seats are all the way at the top!

Of course, there will also be a BarbeKrug going on tomorrow in the Giants Stadium lot.  I don’t know exactly where we will be parked, but if you are going to the show, be on the lookout for me and stop by and say hi.  On the menu:  steak tips, shrimp and hamburgers.  Should be fun even if it is supposed be raining tomorrow.  That’s why you bring a tent, right?!

On Sunday, I will be in front of the TV for the Giants-Chiefs game.  Another game on the road for the Big Blue.  I am nervous as the Chiefs are 0-3 and looking for their first win.  Hopefully, that won’t happen.  We are definitely the better team and I would like to think that on Monday, I can say we are 4-0.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the End of Summer ’09 Newsletter has been posted with this year’s Memory Page.  In trying to come up with my favorite memory, I’d have to say Color War break this year tends to stand out.  I loved that we actually broke Color War without anyone realizing it.  That was pretty cool.  THAT’S NOT IT!  Ha Ha!  I still remember after the helicopter dropped the papers seeing Mara Bernstein and Meg Mucatel.  They were so upset at me!  Sorry girls.  I love ya!  I also thought the CIT Fake Break was really good, too.  They did a nice job organizing that this year.  Other memories for me:  Rak Dan was awesome!  The MTV Night Finals was great!  Going on the Summit for the first time was fun!  Man, there are so many memories!

Also, if you haven’t seen the blooper real from the Canadensis Today show, check it out this weekend.  It’s hysterical!  It’s great to see what actually never made it to the final cut (and rightfully so).  We will continue to try and put as much stuff on the website as possible.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll be back on Monday.  Until then…Have a great weekend…Brian.