Back at the Office

Hi Canadensis Bloggers!

Sorry for not posting in a few days. I returned home from my adventures on Tuesday evening and was at work bright and early on Wednesday. Of course there is so much to catch up on when you are gone from work for 2 weeks (plus 3 weeks before that for Australia, etc.) Such a rough job I have, right?? Hehe.

I also came down with a nasty cold- fever, running nose, sore throat, etc. It definitely was because of all the flying I am sure, but I guess it’s a small price to pay for being able to travel so much and see the world, quite literally.

Planning for camp is in full swing. Matt Unger and I spent yesterday working on the operational stuff. Things like fire extinguisher inspections and recharging, power generator testing, kitchen fire suppression systems, drinking water inspection, telephone line installations for our phone room, etc. I know all very stimulating conversations, but someone has to have them! Matt has been so busy picking up the slack from my travels and trying to schedule everything to happen in the month of April. You see, we have a narrow window of opportunity to do all of these tests/installations in because the water can’t be turned on at camp until the snow melts and temperatures are above freezing. We have groups (including our CIT WEEKEND!) up at camp beginning May 1, and so the month of April is BUSY.

Speaking of the month of April, Matt and I will be moving up to camp on April 20. That is about 5 weeks from now, WOW! How the winter really flies.

What else can I tell you about- Cara and I worked on ordering the t-shirts today for Visiting Day, staff shirts, etc. The new shirt designs are really exciting and I am sure you will all be excited as well to see them.

Finally, our 2009 Staff Message board has kicked off. For all of our staff, we have a message board forum where they can visit and introduce themselves, new staff can ask returning staff members questions, etc. Each March we kick it off and it’s a favorite of many of our staff members! Sorry to all the campers, but its only for staff, although hopefully someday you will be one!

Saturday I am going to meet up with Sam Ginsburg (shout out to Sam) for lunch and then I have tons of laundry to do from my trip. Then on Sunday, we have new camper bowling for our new campers in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. I am looking forward to meeting many of our new campers!

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend and keep checking the blog because next week Jaycal and I will be announcing the winners of Round 2!