Back in Business!

Here I am again in the winter office, summer 2011 still fresh in my mind and real as can be. I’m still not 100% back in the “off-season” mode yet- it’s still warm outside and feels like we should all be running around camp, wondering what was in the box! As I do every year, my first blog post after camp is always a collection of some of my favorite summer pictures! So, without further ado…

Me, Miller, and the Super Senior Girls after an amazing Prom 2011!

Alyssa and I by Lenape!

Rebecca, Becky, Me, Dender, and Brittany during CIT weekend!

My annual "First Day Hug" with Olivia!

Jaren, Parno, and Levi dancing their faces off!

Hanging in the Woods with Liv and Miller

My favorite boys in camp.

Counselors showing off at iCan Cheer Stunting!

In front of that Epcot Ball!

Interviewing "Gab-tastic" on the Today Show Gold Carpet.

Stargazing during our overnight with Hallie and Liv.

Wait... are we models? Hanging out during the college tour...

Everyone on the Tower of Terror!

I flew home behind Chip... or maybe it was Chipper...?

Getting messy at Carnival!

A Super family photo!

My summer sisters πŸ™‚

Alyssa, Paige, and Amanda explore the Philadelphia Magic Gardens...

Dani and Alex are master fliers!

Karen and I having some friendship time before lineup πŸ™‚

Dressed up as fruit...

2006 CITs and Counselor Captains singing the Alma Mater...

A morning hug, every single day <3

There's magic here!

CITs of the year!

Well, that’s a pretty good representation of my summer in pictures. Stay tuned for updates about life in the off season, and a very special welcome from those CITs 2012!