Back on the Train

Hello Canadensis!

I was at the Plymouth Meeting office yesterday and Eric asked me why I haven’t blogged in a while.  Obviously, he is a big fan of “Bloggin’ With Brian” and could not go another day without reading.  I apologize for neglecting my online fans.  Ha Ha!  Anyway, it will not happen again!  I am back on the blogging train.

The past week since my last blog has been good.  First off, I think it is so cool that the Phillies and Yankees are in the World Series.  I am sure there are a number of bunk mates who are in a friendly rivalry over the next week and half.  I can even picture bunk mates video chatting with one another as they watch the game.  In our office, things are definitely in favor of rooting for the Phillies as me, Cara and Aunt Terri are all pulling for Philadelphia.  Matt is backing the Yankees and is even going to Games 1 and 2.  Eric is remaining neutral.  Boo, Forti!  Pick a side!  Ha Ha!  I think the series has the potential of going six or even seven games.  Good luck to all those Phillies and Yankees fans out there.

Speaking of getting back on the train, my home visits for the off season have officially begun.  As many of you know, my favorite part of the fall, winter and spring months is visiting as many campers as possible.  Last night, I got a chance to go visit new camper Eric Miller, his sister Ilana and parents Robin and Larry.  Eric will be a Lower Inter in Summer 2010 and is super excited to be coming to Canadensis!  When I got to their house in Rydal, PA, the family was decked out in Philadelphia Phillies World Series attire.  While there, Eric told me that he is having a lot of fun playing on his travel ice hockey team which keeps him busy most days after school and on weekends.  This season, Eric has been playing mostly right and left wing.  I’m sure at camp next summer he will enjoy playing in the CHL.  His sister Ilana loves the art classes she has been taking and even showed me a dry erase board she made at her birthday party.  She is very talented.


Me with Eric and Ilana Miller. As you can see, they were ready for last night's Phillies World Series game!

After my home visit, I got to have dinner at Bertucci’s in Plymouth Meeting with Hondas Director Howard Waxman.  Howard sends his best to everyone at Canadensis.  Howard and I talked for hours about how great Summer ’09 went.  I must say how impressive it was to see so many of campers riding this summer.  It is Howard’s goal for next summer to see many of our Senior campers to switch to clutch bikes.

June 28 - Activities_0080

Howard Waxman this past summer. I think that bike is a bit too small for you, Howard! Ha Ha!

So, while I’m writing this, the phone rings.  Who is it but Erica Carey, calling me from Istanbul, Turkey!  Erica sends her love to everyone at camp, especially the girls of Bunk 21 from Summer ’09.  In our reminiscing of the summer, Erica, who works in the COALS program (for those not in the know, COALS stands for Canadensis Outdoor Adventure Living Skills) mentioned how wonderful the overnights went this summer and how so many groups enjoyed them.  In fact, she said the Freshman Optional Overnight was one of the best nights of camp she has had in her ten summers at Canadensis!  Pretty cool stuff.  She also mentioned that many Seniors came to her this summer, wanting their own optional overnight.  Erica can’t wait to get back to camp next summer!

The other day, I needed to go through the Summer 2009 photos that Groundhog takes each day at camp.  Tons and tons of photos to look at!  So, I got this idea to post some of my favorite pictures each day from the past summer on this blog.  I will try to go in chronological order with each blog.  Here are some from camp’s first few days…

Matthew Portnoy and Jason Dorf.

Matthew and Jason.

Peace to you, too, Amanda and Rachael!

Peace to you, too, Amanda and Rachael!

Erica, Sophia, Amanda and Alix Enjoying a Boat Ride.

Erica, Sophia, Amanda and Alix Enjoying a Paddle Boat Ride.

Jesse is the first pick of the Knicks and Coach Greg Richner in the NBA Draft.

Jesse is the first pick of the Knicks and Coach Greg Richner in the NBA Draft.

Congratulations to Carly Fleischer, who sent in her guess from a past blog that “Every Picture Tells A Story” is a song sung by Rod Stewart.  Great song, too!  Carly…your color war bands are on their way.  Can you guess who sings the subject of today’s blog?  First one to reply wins color bands!  And, no googling!

I will be back tomorrow for a Halloween Blog…Until then…Have a great day…Brian.