Bands, bands, and more bands

Marching bands are great, awesome, fabulous, and sound wonderful. I am a big supporter of the marching bands and think they are very important. However, with all of that being said, you start to get a headache when the drumline is right in front of your office. This is what I have to look forward to beginning tomorrow. You see, this week we will be hosting 4 marching bands simultaneously. The pavilion field, big field behind the main office (skin diamond/JV field outfields), lake field, and senior field have all been turned into makeshift football fields, complete with the lines and hashes in preparation of our 4 band arrivals.

This past week 2 bands were here along with running camp, however they were practicing on the lake/senior fields and therefore it wasn’t so loud. However, they did march to breakfast to the beat of the drums which was quite interesting.

Now fast forward to tomorrow (I know this already because I have worked here 5 years full time!). The drum sectional will be practicing in the grove. And they will just keep playing boomp, ba boomp, ba boomp, etc. I appreciate the drums and the rhythm they provide to the marching band, but I like hearing them WITH other instruments. At nights, when I am trying to concentrate on accounting (the fun world of bookkeeping), the trumpets will certainly be blaring out on the office courts, as the brass sectional is always traditionally held out on those courts. So imagine drums in front, trumpets behind- OY VEY!

The truth is, that’s not the worst of it. I failed to mention that one of the other bands converts our golf cart garage (located next to the movie theatre) into a drum sectional as well. Ordinarily, that’s no problem for me because I live in my office 90% of the day. However, that 10% that I want to sleep, well the drums will be practicing right down the hill from my house late at night and let’s not forget the trumpet reveille that’s sure to wake me at 6AM. Oh well, it’s part of hosting marching bands!

Partially I am just writing all of this for sympathy points, because while it’s annoying hearing just them thump of drums, I do truly enjoy watching their shows come together from Day 1 through Day 7 and they get quite a bit done. The band members are usually very friendly and courteous and don’t eat nearly as much food as football teams (when we used to host them).

In other news, alot of our staff are now leaving. All of our international counselors and support staff have 9 week contracts. This means that they arrive for our one week of orientation, then 7 weeks of summer camp, and then have 1 week to work for postcamp. We were nice this time and they each enjoyed one day off, but otherwise they were cleaning cabins, moving boats, and starting to get the camp ready to close.

Well, that’s about all I have for today. I have to remember to keep the blog entries short (or Jaycal will eventually yell at me). Spell check is so annoying, it needs to learn that Jaycal IS a word:)