Busy in the 18325

Before you begin reading this blog entry, you should know that Jcal actually wrote it (with my permission of course) in front of me as I dictated to him. See, I am very busy and Jcal has nothing to do these days, so he offered to help! The point I need to make is that I am NOT responsible for the lack of proper grammar and don’t even get me started on the spelling. In any case, hello to all of you from the REAL ERIC FORTI and enjoy my dictated and mutilated flog (fake blog) below!

-The real Eric Forti

Hey Canadensis,

Been a while since my last blog so I figured i’d take some time to update you all on whats been happening up at camp over the past few weeks! We have been busy busy busy with final preparations before the summer begins. With have also been really busy with our pre camp groups coming and going. Our entire pre camp staff has officially arrived bringing our total to 24 staff members already here. Already here are: John Tatana, Eddie Lewis, Shawn Bolton, Mathew Lyons, Alex Dean, Lauren “L-Mac” McGuire, Justin Winch, Lauren Berry, Luke Holten, Pheobe Gurr, Alex Steele, Cale Darrell, Austin Cromartie, Elana Sharir, Chris Poag, James Richardson, Geo, Nora Tkac, Levi Smathers, Chris Kemp, Maddy Tate, Peter Linde, Allie Hassenger, Chris Parno.

Everyone has been doing such a great time! Camp looks great and things are coming along very well. Our maintenance staff has been very busy as well preparing camp for the upcoming summer. This week they have been working on our new water slide and other projects around camp.


almost done...

Next weekend we are looking forward to our annual OPEN HOUSE on Sunday. Details below:




Please join us at camp for a day that will include:

The opportunity to meet other Canadensis campers
The chance to meet some of our outstanding staff
A barbecue lunch
Swimming and Lake Activities
The Climbing Wall
Art Projects
“The Corn Man

To RSVP: log in to “My Account” lin in the upper right hand corner of our web-site and click on the “forms and documents” link.

We hope your family will join us for this wonderful event!

Camp is so busy with final preparations and we can’t wait for all of the campers to get here in just a few short weeks.

Finally, Special Congratulations are in order for WILL ARMON, Lower Boys Camp Head Counselor who recently got engaged! Congratulation Will! Welcome to the “Engaged Club” bro.

Also be on the look out for a new Canadensis Today in the next few days from camp!

See you all soon!