Camp Halloween…boo!

I delayed my “Frame Worthy Friday” blog until today because I knew I wanted to post some photos from Canadensis Halloween during the summer!  We don’t really need excuses to dress up at camp – between the 4th of July, Crazy Night, Miss Canadensis, the Camp Shows and Color War, it’s actually rare to go a whole day without seeing someone in costume!

We pull out all the stops for the Canadensis Halloween Celebration – which includes trick or treating, games, costume contests, parades, “haunted houses”, golf cart “hay rides” and so much more!  Below are some of my favorite pictures from last year – I hope you have a very Happy Halloween!!!

I dressed up as grapes – Eric was an apple, and Brian was a banana.  We all wore capes, and were “Fruit on the Fly” – which is an awesome time each day when the camp comes together and enjoys a fruit snack.  Here I am with Super Seniors: Sam as Kermit the Frog, and Carly as a Canadensis Hockey Player.

Girls Bunk 8

Cowboy Roy and Mets Player Josh

Boys Bunk 8

Ben dressed as Mario, and Ethan as a magician

Girls Bunk 5

With Julia dressed as a Pajama Girl – did I mention that I’m wearing this 50 pound costume on one of the hottest days of the summer??