Camper Visits

Hopefully by now you have all enjoyed the Canadensis Today show from up at camp on Monday. Sonic is such an exciting place to go- old school drive-in fast food where they roller skate to the car! Sorry that the video was so poor, but Matt Unger couldn’t get it to zoom in so he was running around the parking lot while I was trying to film moving the camera in and out manually!

Anyway, the point is that camp looks great. The warmer than average weather has certainly helped us get more work done before the snow arrives, which I am guessing will be coming to the mountains soon. There are many more exciting projects that we are doing up at camp, but we aren’t quite ready to announce them just yet. I promise to let you all know before the “general public” finds out in the newsletter!

This week the office has been a bit calmer for me, because for the first time since camp, I am here 4-days in a row! The only problem is that the Payroll software I use has been so buggy. For the last 2 weeks, it wouldn’t download an update that is required every 2 weeks. After an hour of phone troubleshooting, they sent someone out to fix it, which he supposedly “did”. Well today, the same problem occurred and again they can’t fix it. Seems like maybe it’s time to change payroll companies!

Problems aside, I had an awesome time last night at the Center’s! Matthew and Adam are doing really well it seems. School is going well, they are busy with their team sports (soccer just ended and Adam’s team did really well) and basketball is beginning. We talked about some of the counselors who are returning, their camper friends, and of course the corn man was discussed! Rumor is their dad ate something like 6 ears of corn on visiting day. They also invited over a new camper- David Brucker and his family to meet me. David is awesome! Pretty much into a little bit of everything camp has to offer. He is going to try waterskiing, mentioned liking the arts center and all that has to offer, the high ropes course/zip line/climbing wall, and general sports. David’s sister was also great and she will be at camp within the next few years, although secretly she said she is ready to come to camp this summer! The Centers brought in dinner for me and it ended with a warm apple pie! After 2.5 hours (you read that correct) it was 8:30PM and time for the kids to get to sleep (although they were definitely wound up with the sugar in the pie!) and me to drive home to Philly. Thanks again for a wonderful night guys.

Adam and Matthew Center on the left and David Brucker on the right!

Adam and Matthew Center on the left and David Brucker on the right!

Tonight I am headed to Cherry Hill with Pam (our new assistant director) to meet the Liebman Family (new campers) with a stop at Scott Brown’s house to say hello!

Hope everyone is doing well and busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, whatever that means, but it sounded good!