Canadensis on the West Coast!

Hello Canadensis!

Now, I know most of you are used to seeing Eric Forti post on the blog, but today I (JCal) figured I’d take some time to share about my exciting trip to the West Coast I took over the weekend. On Thursday night I left snowy Washington DC, which has been basically shut down since last Friday. I hadn’t had school since last Friday. I flew from Washington to Seattle, Washington where group leader, MARSHALL WEINSTEIN, met me. Marshall than took me to his house where we spend the night before our long road trip to Eugene, Oregon the next day. On our car ride down to Eugene we spoke camp. What else would we talk about? Even Matt Unger wanted in on our road trip and called us to talk camp for a portion of the ride. Finally after about 5 hours in the car we pulled in to Eugene and the University of Oregon where several of our Canadensis Staff, past and present attend. We went over to group leader, MIKE LINDQUISTS house where we were spending the weekend. Mike was so excited to see us, we hadn’t seen him since the last day of camp. Mike was wearing his Big Apple Blue shirt so I knew he was excited for our reunion. Me, Mike and Marshall sat around talking about camp for a little while before the next batch of Canadensis staff members arrived. 2009 Lower Inter Boys Counselor ROB MCRAE And 2008 Staff member, JUSTIN BOWDEN. It was really exciting to see all theses Canadensis staff members who just wanted to talk camp! A few minutes later, group leader KENZIE GAUTHIER showed up, Kenzie happens to live directly across the street from Mike. We were all again, really excited to see Kenzie. I hadn’t seen Kenzie since a few days after camp when she visited Long Island before going home to Oregon. After Kenzie showed up, group leader and Mike’s fiancé ALYSSA THIBODEAU came running inside. Alyssa and me have been good friends for the past few years ever since our Color War Win in 2007, SHOUT OUT TO MYSTICAL GOLD! Kenzie and Alyssa than gave Marshall and I a tour of the University of Oregon. It was really cool to see a school that has a campus, as GW is in the middle of a city and doesn’t have much of a campus. Kenzie brought us to see a group of singers who were singing at the schools amphitheater. They were really talented and it was really cool to see them sing their takes on some of the latest hits. After walking around the university and talking CAMP we returned to Mike’s house where we got ready for dinner with MORE CANADENSIS STAFF! At dinner we met up with 2009 Counselors KELLY PRICE and NORA DRUTZ. Again, Marshall and I were excited to see them since we haven’t seen them since camp.

The next day, Mike took us to his favorite restaurant, Hawaiian Time. Now, for those of you that know me well, you know I’m a really picky eater so I wasn’t sure what I’d eat, but Mike and Alyssa kept telling me about how good their chicken was! We’ll, the chicken was really good, and all weekend, all I wanted was chicken. That afternoon the girls went to go see Valentines Day, which they said wasn’t very good while the guys sat around watching the Olympics. I really enjoy watching the Olympics because it reminds me of Color War which happens at CAMP! That night, we went our to dinner to Red Robin. I have never been to red robin and has no idea that the French Fries were free! Kenzie had to explain to meet that they just keep bringing them to you if you ask, and again if you know me well, you’d know I love french fries.

Now we get to Sunday and our final full day in Eugene, we all slept in late and enjoyed a late breakfast at The Original Pancake House! Again, it was really good and I love pancakes. In the afternoon we sat around talking camp and there was just so much camp to talk about. We were telling funny stories and even got a call from Eric Forti who was jealous of our little reunion. After talking to Forti we went to TCBY. Now, for those of you that don’t know, TCBY is very special to Mike, Alyssa and Kenzie. They try and go once a week together and hang out and just talk about CAMP! So we went to TCBY and we all got the Sunday Special, SUNDAYS. We sat around and spoke about schools, just kidding, MORE CAMP TALK! When we got back to Mike’s we sat around watching the Olympics and ordered in pizzas. We filmed a special West Coast Edition of Canadensis Today and just were reminiscing about the summer. Kenzie then decided she wanted to bake some cookies so she made special Valentines Day cookies for us! They were very delicious, thanks Kenzie! We then headed to bed so we could get up early for our long drive back to Seattle in the morning.

We woke up supper early, said our goodbyes and Marshall and I, headed to Seattle where he dropped me off at the airport and now I’m aboard my flight back to snowy Washington DC. We were all texting this afternoon saying how much we missed each other and can’t wait to see it all over again next year!