Hello all from the windy city! As you all know, I never sit still and so following the reunion, I headed out to Chicago for a menu planning/food conference through our purchasing group. But first, the reunion was absolutely awesome! Every year it seems we have a bigger turnout and it was so great to get to see so many campers and their parents.

The younger camp may not know, but around 2PM we had a quick meeting with the Seniors/CITs in the room up front at the bowling alley and it was so amazing to hear how excited and spirited the CITs of 2010 (pronounced twenty ten according to them!). We announced the details of our options college tour for our Super Seniors and CITs and they responded with interest.  We also announced that the Super Senior trip will be a trip to Niagara Falls (as in the past) as well as Cleveland. We have decided to stay out of Canada for the main reason of dealing with passports. It has become increasingly difficult to cross the border with a group of kids (without parents) and the documentation necessary has been challenging for some of our families. Also, we have had problems in the past crossing back into the US with some of our international staff. We are so excited for the Cleveland addition, which will include a visit to Cedar Point (the largest amusement park in the US), a visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and some other exciting additions to the program. We will of course still do the popular jetboat tour in Niagara and additional attractions.

I hope you all had an amazing time at the reunion and for those campers who missed it, we missed seeing you! BUT, the good news is we will be coming to an ice cream parlor near you. We will be holding “Canteen on the Fly” in 6 towns over the coming month, so stay tuned for exact dates and locations.

I need to get back from Chicago quickly because tomorrow is our Sixers Night. Camp will be hosting a group of over 50 campers, parents, and alumni at the Jewish Heritage Night with the 76ers. If you will be there or are coming with us, please be sure to wear a Canadensis shirt and show your pride! If you are from NY/north Jersey, we have a night with the NY Knicks upcoming as well.

Well that’s all I have for now! See many of you tomorrow night- did I ever say how much I love/hate flying? It’s definitely a love/hate kind of thing:)