Chocolate & Pretzels

Phew! A busy day, with so much to do, and so little time! First, I forgot to tell you yesterday that Jim Boyle (our contractor up at camp) called with a question for me regarding vents for the new canteen. I can’t spoil the surprise too much, so I will leave it at that, but it’s so exciting that they are getting a lot done up at camp.

Robin’s flight came in early last night, so we had time for dinner before watching Grey’s and ER! Commercials were spent checking in with Jaycal on our exciting video updates and a brief phone call regarding videos that we will be taking at the reunion.

Today the office is so busy. We are making last minute arrangements for the reunion (there is a lot that goes into planning these events) as well as finalizing our leadership meeting for the weekend.

Matt Unger and I are in my office and in between updating this blog, we are calling amusement parks, booking hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. for the Freshman/Senior trips. How does a trip to a pretzel factory in PA sound where each camper gets their own ball of dough and learns how to twist their own pretzel! One lucky division (can’t say which yet), will get to go there. The only clue for you is that the entire trip revolves around CHOCOLATE! I am sure you can figure out which division I am talking about.

Speaking of clues, I am gearing up for my around the world trip. Less than a week away, I have so much to do before then. I guess it will get done on Monday/Tuesday because for now, Forti OUT! I have to go pickup Will at the airport and then drive to the hotel in Jersey that we will be meeting at.

See many of you this weekend at the reunion. Keep the emails/comments coming.

Which lucky division is going to get to twist their own pretzels!

Which lucky division is going to get to twist their own pretzels!