CITs 2013: Lauren Gadol


Name: Lauren Gadol aka Lgadol

Years at Camp: This will be my 8th summer at camp!

Hobbies When You’re at Home: I sing, I dance, I act, hang out with friends and stud!!!

Secret Talent: I don’t really have a secret one because everyone knows that I can sing however I have a secret language, zubidik, that only I can speak. My second summer, I claimed I had a concussion after I banged my head on the bed board and I started talking strange and that’s what I called it! Silly but always remembered!!

Favorite Camp Activity: EVERYTHING. There is never a dull moment at camp, you should love everything you get a chance to do because there are so many things to choose from!
Funny Camp Memory: In 2006 when there was water dripping over mine and Lindsay Gelber’s bed so in order to fix it, Lindsay and I had to move our beds to the middle of the bunk, beds facing opposite directions so that we couldn’t get wet!! 
Advice for a First Time Camper: Camp will forever and always be your home away from home. Your bunkmates will be the sisters you’ve never had, ignore the little fights because you learn to laugh about it later in the day. Your camp friends will be your sisters and best friends forever. Where else in the world can you be with your bestfriends 24/7? Camps too short to not enjoy every second, so make it worth while 🙂 
Something You Learned at Camp:  How to be a true friend
I never leave for camp without my… BLUE AND GOLD APPAREL and my baby blanky! I’m a child at heart, that blanket travels with me all the time!! 🙂 
If I could have any job in the world it would be… to become famous!! It’s my talent!!
My favorite place I’ve traveled is… CAMPPP!!! and Israel because my family lives there.
One thing my campers will learn about me is… I am the craziest human being, I love to have fun and too laugh beyond control. I love to sing and hopefully I can make up some crazy songs for them to sing with me!! 🙂 
One fun fact about me is… I was third runner up at Canadensis Idol when it was an evening activity!