Brooke and Dani can't wait to be CITs!

Brooke and Dani can’t wait to be CITs!

Brooke Liebman lives in Holland, Pennsylvania and will be returning to Canadensis for her  8th summer! When she’s at home, Brooke enjoys playing tennis, hanging out with her friends, and eating food, which she also enjoys at her favorite camp activity – cooking! Her favorite camp memories include the annual 4th of July Fireworks, and this past summer when the Gozen Yogurt truck came to camp. Being a camper has taught Brooke how to get along with a large group of girls, no matter how different they may be, and she wants all of our new campers to know that arguing with your camp friends isn’t worth it – you’re only at camp for 2 months, so you have to make it the best!  Brooke’s dream job is to become a Camp Counselor, and she’ll never leave for a summer at camp without her Temperpedic egg. This summer, Brooke hopes to be hypnotized by Brad Henderson; she’s also looking forward to the CIT trip to Walt Disney World, since the last time she was in Disney she was only 2 years old! No matter what, Brooke will leave Canadensis in August having had a great summer experience.