Coke Floats and Erica Carey

The office has been WILD this week. I think the holiday spirit has made everyone a bit more excited than usual. Earlier this week I went out to dinner with Karen Sharir, Matt Unger, Eric Forti, and Dani Corradetti in Philly. We had a delicious Italian dinner, and I don’t think I need to tell you what we talked about the whole time… CAMP!

Today was an especially wonderful Friday because we got a visit from one of my very best buddies, Erica Carey! Erica and I go way back, for those of you who don’t know, we were co-counselors in 2007 (Shout out to our girls, Charley, Olivia, Dani, and Carly!), and in 2006 Erica was Lieutenant and I was Counselor Captain of BLUE GREASED LIGHTNIN’ (Karen, Feigin, and Pete – love you guys!). We all went out to lunch together and got to hear all about Erica’s fabulous semester abroad, traveling from country to country, and meeting so many influential scholars. We did lots and lots of laughing (Unger and Forti are ALWAYS making me giggle) and it was SO good to spend time with her!

I hope everyone’s ready for a snowy weekend! Stay inside, keep warm, and have fun!!!