Coming to you in the mail…

2013 DVD Cover

2013 DVD Back

The 2013 yearbook DVD was mailed on Friday afternoon, and will be arriving in your home soon!  Here’s a sneak peak at the front and back of the case, featuring our amazing 2013 CITs!  Pop some popcorn, and enjoy the summer memories!

Indian Head shirt logo

Also, the Canadensis Carewear Boxes arrived two weeks ago, and we are hoping everyone has had a chance to open it up by now!  I wanted to show everyone the awesome stuff inside.  Above is a sample girls box, and here’s what was in it:

A- Camp Canadensis 9-inch wall clock

B- Package of stickers, 4 lollipops, pen and car magnet

C- Canadensis overnight duffel bag – this is the perfect item to bring on a sleepover with friends!  We have 6 different colors of bags so even siblings got different ones!

D- Canadensis sunglasses, imprinted on both sides.

E- Deck of Canadensis playing cards

F- Canadensis tumbler, packed with candy

G- Girl also received this adorable and soft Teddy Bear wearing a Canadensis t-shirt

Indian Head shirt logo2

The boys package was really similar, but a lot of the colors were different.  Also, the Teddy Bear is swapped out for a mini-basketball hoop!  We hope you all loved it!