Craft Projects

There has been so much stuff going on both personally and in “Canadensis world”, so I plan to blog every day this week!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a creative outlet, but luckily, a lot of my friends have been celebrating Mitzvahs lately, and I’ve had excuses to get crafty!!!! In October I will be a bridesmaid for a close Philly friend, and at her recent bridal shower, each of the guests were assigned a month of the year, and we got to buy a gift for the couple that fit the theme of the month. Luckily, I got assigned June (which is clearly my favorite month because camp starts!), so I fought the urge to get her a crazy creek camping chair, and I got her and her hubby-to-be a nice set of beach towels. I got to decorate the outside of the box, and here’s what it looked like…

I can’t wait for June!!  Also, another Philly friend has recently welcomed the arrival of her first child, and it’s an adorable boy!  She and her husband will be excellent parents, and he has already been such a sweet and calm baby boy, with super cute expressions to match.  Since Sammy is the first born, the date of his birth is extra special, because not only is it his birthday, but it’s also the day my friends became parents!  So, I put together a framed calendar page for them…and another frame with a owl in it (because that is the theme of his nursery).  I also had a neighbor that gave birth to a boy recently, so I framed a calendar page for her too, check it out below!