Fabric Art Will Be AMAZING!

I have been SUPER PUMPED about our arts and crafts program overall the summer.  I’ve had several conversations with Carrie, who is the Arts and Crafts Director…Marty, who is the Woodshop Director…Katie, who is the Ceramics Director…Jesse, who is the Glass Fusion Director, and Drew, who is the Photography Director!  Each one of them is creative, artistic, and ready to have a magical summer up at camp.

The final art director who wasn’t mentioned above is Ida, and she is the director of our *new* Fabric Arts program.  We are both up at camp now, so we spent some time together today talking about project ideas and going through supplies for the summer.  Her ideas are FANTASTIC, and the projects and skills taught this summer will “knock your socks off”…literally!!  Ida has a plan to do a sock monkey project, so you might literally loose your socks in Fabric Art!

She had some samples of projects she wants to make this summer, and it got me SO excited!  I took a photo and posted it above.  The top left is an embroidery project, the top right is an applique, and the bottom is my favorite project idea so far…a sleep mask!!  We are going to be sooooo crafty this summer, I can’t wait!