First Day of Fall

Hello Canadensis!

So, here it is.  My first blog.  I saw how much fun Eric and Cara were having with their blogs that I decided to jump in and have a little fun, too.  And yes, that picture of me is with the Giants Super Bowl Ring from the 2007-08 Season.  Thanks again to Canadensis Alumni and Giants Team Nutritionist Heidi Skolnick for bringing her ring to camp this summer and letting me wear it around camp.

Today is the first day of fall, marking the official end of summer.  Booooo!  I know that we all wish we could go back and do the summer all over again after such an amazing 2009 season!  But, before you know it, we will be in the 18325 for camp’s 70th Anniversary Summer.  Pretty cool.

It’s actually been a few weeks since my last day living up at camp as I am now back in New Jersey for the fall, winter and spring months.  As is always the case, my body was completely exhausted and I spent the first two days back sleeping very late each day.  It was also good catching up with friends and family.

My first week back also included my other home away from home…Giants Stadium…for Opening Day vs. the Redskins.  What a beautiful day that was from good weather to great food to a Big Blue win to kick off the season.  During our tailgate, I broke out my Zoogle stick and taught a few of my friends how to play.  So many people were watching us with a confused but intrigued look.  It was really funny.  I even ran into Canadensis parent Kevin Sandler and former camper Scott Sandler in the parking lot.  As is always the case, if you are ever in the stadium lot on game day, please stop by our tailgate in Lot 5F to say hello.  Here’s a pic from Opening Day!

Opening Day Tailgate

Opening Day 2009 Tailgate at Giants Stadium with Me, My Friends and Parents

Last week, I actually got away for a bit and make a mini road trip up north to Rhode Island, Vermont and upstate New York to see my favorite band, The Black Crowes.  It was a really fun trip and the shows were great!

I now know why Cara loves Burlington and the University of Vermont so much.  It is beautiful.  Of course, Cara provided me with one of her colorful, hand-drawn maps of what to do and see while there.  Cara recommended that we cruise around on Church Street, the college’s main strip of stores, and do some shopping / eating there.  We ended up buying a lot of stuff with maple in it.  Have you ever tried maple cotton candy.  Delicious!

Our final stop on the trip was to Kingston / Woodstock, NY.  I actually used to live in Kingston from 1996-98, so it was a walk down memory lane for me.  I actually drove by my old apartment and office while I was there.  The day in Woodstock was gorgeous and the town was hopping with shoppers, flea markets and music.

Finally, my vacation ended with another Big Blue Victory from my beloved Giants, beating those hated Cowboys (sorry Dan Block).  By the way, that Cowboy Stadium is pretty cool.

So, now it’s back to work.  I will once again be hitting the road, trying to meet as many camp families as possible through the winter.  In fact, I got to see Kelsey and Jordan Rosen the other day.  They are doing really good, although both also really wish to be back at camp.

Looking forward to blogging each day to keep in touch with everyone!

Until then…Have a Great Day…Brian.