Flowers At Camp!

If you come to camp from PA or South Jersey, you’ve probably driven by the Stonewall Garden Center at the bottom of our camp hill a hundred times.  I stopped in there for the first time a few days ago with Aunt Terri & Cara, and I fell in love!  Gardening is one of the new hobbies I picked up this past year, and this place has some beautiful plants.  We picked out some plants that accentuate the absolutely beautiful setting we have at Camp Canadensis.  The hanging basket I’m holding is now at camp, and hanging outside the main entrance to the Dining Hall.Aunt Terri is a gardening pro…she knows what grows well in the Poconos, how to arrange everything, and how to keep it safe from the deer who like to eat plants as a midnight snack!  I learned so much from her, and we loaded up the car full of beautiful plants to bring home and place around camp.  We spent hours getting everything potted, and picking out the perfect spots…it was so much fun!  We hope you’ll enjoy seeing them this summer.  Only 17 more days to go!