Fun on Long Island, and More Crochet!

Alexis Levien holding up her stationery – all packed for camp!

I had a great time this weekend getting to know some of the Long Island girls who will be coming to Camp Canadensis for the first time this summer!  My first stop was at Alexis Levien’s house.  She is in 4th grade, and will be a Lower Inter at camp.  I first met her when she took a tour at camp this summer, and she really impressed me when she sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on our camp stage.  She is still singing and acting, and she is going to be in the show Annie coming up.  She is also in another show that is about to start, so she has a lot of rehearsals in her future!  I spent time with Alexis, her parents, and her sister Jordan (who is probably going to do the Sibling Tour and More this summer).  Her dad went to sleepaway camp and is preparing her for some camp responsibilities, like clean-up and inspection.  We talked about what to pack for the summer of fun ahead, and Alexis and her mom already have a great start – she has a pink camouflage sleeping bag and her stationery all ready to go (check out the photo of her holding up her stationery above!).   Alexis is an early riser, so if she is in your bunk she will help the counselors drag you out of bed!  She also is a JETS fan, so they must be excited for the big game coming up this weekend.  Her biggest question about camp was “what happens if I get lost” – which definitely won’t happen, but just in case, let’s all keep a look out for Alexis this summer!
Rachel Fisher – wearing her newest Canadensis t-shirt
My next stop was at Rachel Fisher’s house.   She is friends with Alexis from day camp, and they are in the same dance class.  They take Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop, and they are learning a dance to the song Magic by B.O.B.  In addition to dance classes, Rachel loves to make art, and goes to Hebrew School twice a week.  She is in 4th grade, and will be a Lower Inter at camp this summer – and she is definitely going to sign up for some art and ceramics electives this summer. We watched the new camp video together (which should be hitting everyone’s mailboxes soon!) and she got really excited for the activities in store for her, especially the Lower Girls Graffiti Party!  She really enjoys reading, and is wondering how many books she should pack for camp!  She reads almost every night before going to sleep.  She has a younger sister named Ava, and Rachel will be the first in her family to go to overnight camp, so she has to practice writing great letters to all her family and friends who will be at home.  Rachel is totally pumped for camp!
My last stop on Long Island (besides dinner with my Grandma!) was at Elana and Jake Abrams house!  Jake will be a 3rd year camper in the Freshman division, and Elana will be coming for her first summer as a Junior.  Technically, Elana was a Tour and More Camper last year, but this will be her first full summer.  Elana has a HOT PINK bedroom, and stays busy everyday of the week with Art Class, Gymnatics, Dance and Hebrew School.  She knows the lyrics to every single song, and she’ll be a great bunk mate because she thinks about other people, and put’s their feelings first.  She enjoys reading, and loves things in the multiples of threes…she has three favorite pillow pets, three favorite after school activities, three favorite colors…etc.  I was so impressed with the paintings that she and her brother have made at art class – I will upload photos soon!  Elana didn’t have a lot of questions, but Jake wanted to know all about the overnight Cooperstown trip that the Freshman Boys go on, and all the changes that happen as he starts to make his way on to the “Senior Side” of camp.  After we chatted for a while and enjoyed some NY bagels, I sat down with Elana, Jake and their Mom to watch the new DVD – and Jake was in the Color War extra’s section!  But, I agree with mom – he’s gotta do a better job of getting in front of the camera this summer.
Photos of Elana and Jake Abrams coming soon!

Besides visiting some of our awesome new campers, I’ve been making time for my favorite winter activity, which is crocheting!  I thought I’d upload some photos of my recent projects…
This is a hat I made for an adorable kid!  It has a HUGE pom-pom and a removable “beard”
I didn’t want her big brother to get all the ‘crochet fun’, so I made a quick flower headband.
I’m going to convince as many kids as possible that Crochet is Cool!  I’d love to have a “knitters circle” at camp this summer.
The last thing I have for today is the announcement of a new recurring blog posting that will be starting this Monday!  It will be a segment called “Annie the Dog” and it will require a lot of participation from you at home, so please log back in after the weekend!