Guest Blogging: Alyssa Thibodeau

Heyy Everyone! Greetings from California!

While Forti is away, I get to guest blog for a day and I’m wciked excited to get to make a guest appearance :). As some of you know, Mike Lindquist and I are getting married next October. We met back in the summer of 2007 at Camp Canadensis and have been together ever since. He actually proposed at camp in the summer of 2009 down by Lake Lenape!

So needless to say Mike and I have been busy planning everything. Most of the time though I am the one actually doing everything but Mike has been nothing but a supportive fiance helping make decisions about vendors, color schemes, menu options etc. I’m just the one to actually put everything into action, which is okay with me. We’ve had a long engagement (by the time we get married it will be a little over 2 years since the proposal) so we’ve had a lot of time to think about exactly what we want. The Log Cabin, in Massachusetts near my hometown, will be our ceremony and reception venue. It’s located on top of a hill over looking a valley and with the fall foliage as our backdrop our wedding should make for a beautiful view. We’ve booked our photographer, videographer, officiant, DJ and  florist. We’ve also been looking at rehearsal dinner locations and are just fine tuning the details and save-the-dates have been sent. I’ve also gotten my dress and bridesmaid dresses have been ordered! My family has been busy planning our March couple’s shower. On top of all of that, our color scheme is going to be navy blue and orange. The bridesmaid will where and After 6 dress in a navy blue and each carry bouquets of vibrant orange gerbera daisies and roses. In leiu of favors, we plan on making a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. For those of you who don’t know who they are heres a video .

A lot of other small details have been falling into place as well. It is all so exciting and we can’t wait to be married! I truly am marrying my best friend. If any of you would like to also follow my personal wedding blog where you can get a more detailed look at the planning process visit this site.. Below are some pictures to give you an idea of the wedding. The first picture is from our engagement photo shoot. The second picture is of the ceremony location for our wedding (imagine fall foliage in the background). The third picture is what the bridesmaid dresses look like (just instead of green and white flowers imagine orange flowers). The fourth picture is the cake that my wonderful campers (shout out to the CIT’s of 2010!) made with JoJo in cooking and surprised me with it in the dining hall!

Well that’s all for now! Can’t wait to see you all in the summer of 2011!