Guest Blogging: Danielle Faden

We are very excited to kick off a week of Guest Blogging with different Canadensis campers and counselors and a few special guests! Our first blogger is Danielle Faden! You may remember Danielle as Big Apple Blue Captain this summer. Danielle is currently a Junior at Upper Dublin High School in PA. She lives with her family in Maple Glen, Pa.

Hey Canadensis!

I hope everyone’s school year is off to a good start, though it can’t be any better than camp :)!  I’ve been very busy with schoolwork, as I am currently a junior in high school.  Also, I am studying to get my permit (I turn 16 next week).  Nothing too exciting is going on right now, so I’m going to talk about – what else? – camp.  You can probably tell that camp is a very special place to me.  Every single day, something reminds me of my summer home.  (It’s more of a real home than a summer home, and though my parents may not like it, they hear me say it all the time).  Someone will say something and it reminds me of an inside joke from Disney.  I’ll hear a song on the radio that we listened to everyday in the bunk.  My friends at home have heard so many stories about camp they could probably name everyone in my bunk.

One of my more exciting daily reminders of camp is this: At my school, there are A, B, and C lunches.  I was talking to my friends about what lunches we’ve had in the past and I realized that as a freshman I had B lunch, as a sophomore I had A, and this year I have B – I shouted “That’s BAB! Big Apple Blue!”  My friends looked at me like I was crazy and they didn’t appreciate it when I explained the coincidence – I was on Big Apple Blue for Color War this past summer.  Of course, when I explained it to Becky J when I saw her later in the day she shared in my excitement.

I miss camp every day.  It is the most important place in the world to me, and I miss my 21 sisters and brothers (the CITs of 2009 – miss you!).  However, I’m planning on coming back to camp next year to be a JC, so I’m looking forward to that – it’ll be my 8th summer.  Hope to see everyone soon! Keep in touch!

-Danielle Faden

P.S. – Happy New Year and an Easy Fast to those who are celebrating the Jewish holidays!

P.P.S. – Thanks, Forti, for letting me be a guest blogger!