Guest Blogging EXTRA: Pete Tarnoff

WOOOOOO… WHATS GOING ON CANADENSIS!?!?!?!?  This is Pete Tarnoff, guest blogging while Forti is on vacation, and I’m so excited to be able to be a guest blogger.  Thanks to Forti and J-Cal for letting me do this.  I love the blogs, and I read them almost daily so this is pretty cool.

So… you want to know what all us guest bloggers have in common?  We are all OBSESSED with Camp.  Yes that’s right… obsessed.  Seriously though, 90 percent of my shirts that I wear are Canadensis shirts, I never take off my Color War Wristbands (Tropical Gold 08 BABY!!!), and I think I’ve  annoyed my roommates a whole lot by how much I talk about my time in 18325.

Unfortunately though, I’m not at Camp (insert sad face here).  Right now I’m at the University of Kutztown studying Elementary Education.  Yes that’s right, Pete Tarnoff is going to be a teacher.  Weird, right?  Can you imagine how crazy my classroom would be? Can you imagine anyone calling me “Mr. Tarnoff,” or even “Mr. T?” (I PITY THE FOOL), HAHAHA.  I’m not going to lie though, school is starting to drain me.  I transferred from Ithaca College in New York, where I was studying Television and Radio, to Kutztown last year.  Considering that TV/Radio has almost nothing in common with Elementary Ed, I practically had to start my college career over again, so I’ll be in school for a little while longer.

However, not all is doom and gloom.  During the month of October, I have several chances to see a ton of Camp people when I attend the bar mitzvahs of some of my former campers.  Austin Pollack’s bar mitzvah was yesterday (I’m writing this post on the 4th of October).  Austin was fantastic and his party was sick… especially after we got the DJ to play the crazy frog song.  Canadensis Freshman 2009 took over the dance floor at that point.  By the time this blog is posted the Weiss boys, James, Eric, and Eddie will have had their bar mitzvah as well, and I’m sure they’re going to do just great.  Congrats to all of them, and to everyone who has a bar or bat mitzvah this year.

Of course there is the reunion in January as well, and I’m even more excited for this year’s reunion because it takes place on January 10th… MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!   Best birthday present ever: CAMP REUNION!!!  HAHAHA, that news made my day when I saw it.

A couple of shout outs before I stop writing (I could go on forever).   First and foremost, to the Freshman Boys Division of 2009, Campers and Counselors.  Thank you for one of, if not the best, summers of my life.  I thought it was going to be impossible to beat the summer of 2008, but because I lived with you all for 7 weeks, Summer 2009 may have done that.  Special props to Jay Trumbower (spelling is definitely incorrect) for creating an awesome sign for Freshman Hill.

Thanks again to Forti and J-Cal for allowing me to be a guest blogger

Lastly, a shout out to a young man who I know reads these blogs: Noah Rubin.  Noah attends the same middle school that my mother works at as a social worker, so I wanted to say “hi” to Noah, and thank him for stopping by my mother’s office to say “hi” to her.  It makes her day.

Be safe and have fun Canadensis family.  We’ll be home sooner then we think… Is it June yet???