Guest Blogging: Karen Sharir

Welcome to Day 2 of our Guest Blogging series. Our next blogger is none other than Lower Senior Girls Group 09′ Karen Sharir. Karen is from Lancaster, Pa. We are excited to have Karen on the blog!

Hello there to all of my camp friends and SAWATDEEKA (Thai for “hello” as some of you learned this summer)~

I’ve been appointed to write a quick “guest blog” for Eric while he’s off in Florida, so I hope that I can offer some interesting information for all of our camp families (especially the Lower Senior Girls 2009, for whom I was the Group Leader). Thanks to Eric and JCal for giving me the chance!

Well, camp is officially over, and so is post camp! I’ve been home from camp for exactly one week, which is much less time than all of the campers and most of the staff. In the past six weeks, I have spent a lot of time working with Eric Forti, Matt Unger, Justin Winch, and a handful of others to help close down the camp for the winter. I know that Eric has written about post camp some, but I thought you’d all like to hear about my perspective.

The first couple of days after the campers were gone, the post camp staff and myself had to clean cabins and run activities for the small groups that came for a couple of days. We had Karate groups, Marching Bands!, Schools, and Athletic teams all come to camp to use our wonderful facilities. As I talked to different kids from the various groups, I kept looking at them hoping to see one of the Canadensis campers that I knew so well, but none of you were there!! It was a bit sad that none of my favorite campers were there anymore, but don’t worry I had a lot of fun too. My favorite was working at the rock wall with Geo!!

So now that I’m back home (in Amish country, Lancaster, PA), I’ve got a new job at a daycare with kids much younger than a junior boy or girl. It’s a lot of fun to hang out with kids and teach them about dinosaurs and the colors in the rainbow, but it makes me miss my camp family a lot! I hope everyone is doing well and keeps in touch with everyone that they met in summer 2009. Hope to see you all at the reunion and summer 2010! Shout out to the Lower Seniors 2009 and to all of the amazing people I have met at camp over the past five years.

And thanks again Forti and JCal for giving me the chance to say hi to all of my camp friends. Forti, you better come back to Pennsylvania so I can visit you at the winter office!