Happy Thanksgiving!!


I’m wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving today – and hoping you get spend it with loved ones, friends and family!  I’ll be spending the day with some of my wonderful extended family members in NY, but unfortunately I won’t get to be with my parents or my sister because they’ll be in Arizona and Texas.  I feel so lucky to have a family that loves and supports this crazy camp thing I do year after year, and I just wanted to express my thanks, and share a photo of me with my parents at camp in 2013!

Below is a collage of photos from the 2012 Levi Family Reunion held at Camp Canadensis – it’s an every 3 year tradition, and has become something I am constantly thinking about and looking forward to.  I thought you might enjoy seeing how we used camp as a beautiful setting for quality family time…which for us includes kickball, archery and of course gathering around a table to share a meal.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!TGiving