Hello Jadyn, and Goodbye Long Hair!


Meet Jadyn, a current 3rd grader who will be a Junior Girl and cannot wait for her first summer at camp!  She did the Tour & More Play Day last year and got a taste of all the fun we have at Camp Canadensis, and she is ready for all 7 weeks!  She always introduces herself as Jadyn, but her friends and family like to call her “J”, “JJ” or on the soccer field her team calls her “Jadels”.  She is on the soccer field A LOT!  She plays in the Livingston Soccer Club league for the Lady Legacy team.  Their colors are green and white, and she has indoor practices during the winter so they can be ready for games in the spring and fall.

Jadyn also plays basketball, and likes playing all sports.  She’s a total thrill seeker who recently went to Disney World on a family vacation and did all three of the “mountain” rides – Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain was definitely her favorite!  She gave me some good Disney tips since I’ll be heading there for the American Camp Association National Conference tomorrow morning! (weather permitting!)  When I asked her what group she’d want to be in for Dorney Park, she didn’t hesitate to say “extreme”!  She’s excited to go upside down and try all the roller coasters.
She is a big sister to brother Ari (shown above wearing the Superman shirt!), he’s in Kindergarten and had so many great questions during the home visit (including, how does Jadyn find her counselors on the first day?).  Both of them enjoy going skiing during the winter at Lake Ariel, where their parents met!  Jadyn is excited to try water skiing this summer, and I’m sure she’ll love making rounds on Lake Lenape!  She also loves Arts & Crafts, and will plan to try some of those activities during her electives periods…she even wants to learn how to crochet, so maybe she’ll sign up for needle arts?  At her day camp, they called electives “hobbies” and she would sign up for things that most other kids didn’t want to try, like mountain biking and archery, and she loved both of them!  She enjoys riding her bike around the neighborhood, and has practiced going over bumpy sidewalks, so she’ll be ready for the lake trail!
When I visited, her school had just done a Wax Museum assignment where all the students picked someone famous to research and dress up as.  Jadyn was “Shirley Temple” and you can see her in character above!  She’s holding up a “Shirley Temple” drink, and when you pressed her button she would tell you tons of facts about Shirley and her movie career.  I told her to bring the blonde wig to camp because she’ll use it for a lot of dress up activities, and the one she was most excited about was Miss Canadensis.  She saw it in the yearbook DVD and definitely wants to get involved with dressing up the boy counselor from her division.  Maybe she’ll also teach him some dance moves, because you’ll definitely see her busting a move on the Amphitheater every morning at our dance parties!  Everyone should look for Jadyn this summer…she’ll be easy to spot with her trademark mismatching socks!
In addition to traveling to meet so many new campers and staff, I found time to chop my hair (as you might have noticed at the reunion, or in the photo above).  I’ve had long hair for most of my years at Canadensis (shown in the photo above from summer 2013) but I recently donated 12 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.   It was my 4th time donating, and it’s such a simple way to give back!  Have you ever donated?  If so, I’d love to see your before and after photos!  Send them to pam@canadensis.com!